Monday, December 1, 2008

Condi Rice Plays Piano for the Queen of England

I bet no many of you know Secretary of State Condi Rice is an accomplished pianist who started playing when she was a child.

Did you know that Condoleezza Rice took time out of her busy schedule today to play a private performance at Buckingham Palace for Queen Elizabeth II? It's really cool to know that the talents of Condi Rice extends past her diplomatic expertise.

Condi's performance of Brahms was accompanied by three members of the London Symphony Orchestra. This was indeed a first in American history that a high cabinet member of an Administration to perform for a distinguish dignitary like the Queen of England or the Pope.

A palace spokeswoman stated that Condi Rice's recital was received with the highest praised by the Queen. Now, I wonder what other talent Hillary Clinton possess beside being a pain in the ass and a bore. My guess, I would think she would be a great trumpet player or a tuba player because she has a lot of hot air.