Friday, December 26, 2008

Dont Blame Bush if We Get Attacked When Obama Takes Over

If you want to pinpoint a flaw when Obama takes power on January 20, 2009, please take note of Biden's warning about a potential terrorist attack with in the next 6 months of an Obama presidency. We have seen a glimpse of trouble between Pakistan and India. Tensions are surmounting between these nuclear nations after the terrorist attack at a hotel in India.

Obama's policy with foreign policy matters and issues with counter-terrorism is weak. With warning threats of closing down Club Gitmo, it is just of the first of many widening problems Obama cannot ignore. So, if the USA gets attacked by terrorist, please don't go and blame on the Bush Administration. We haven't been attacked in 7 years since 9/11. Anything that occurs on Obama's watch is under the duty of that president in charge to be ultimately responsible for their blunders.

Keep in mind we are safe because of the policies set by the Bush Administration. Bush is responsible for reorganizing the entire intelligence community, taking the fight "head-on" on enemy soil, tightening terrorist communication surveillance, destroying the wall that prevented sharing of information between agencies, and creating the Department of Homeland Security. Bush increased the size of the TSA, Border Security, and increase inspectors to check shipping containers. I wrote in the past year that we have built hundreds of miles of a secured fence at our borders, double the size of our border patrol, and put billions of dollars in technology to prevent illegal aliens from crossing the borders. Its success has increased our deportation of many illegal aliens since last year and arrested more gang members, fugitives and terrorists who illegally crossed our borders. The result has been a historic reversal in illegal immigration, with no net increase in the illegal immigrant population in our country for the first time in decades.

Watch carefully how Obama runs this country. We do not live in a safe world. There are people out there who hate us and want us harmed. The success in preventing a terrorist attack has much more to do with being on the offensive. By intercepting terrorist communications overseas, taking the fight to the enemy abroad, and aggressively follow each potential lead to capture a terrorist are the gold standard that kept us safe for 7 years. Any deviation from this model will lead to a devastated effect. So, under an Obama Administration, if the USA encounters a terrorist attack, do not blame it on Bush. Rather, you can blame on Obama who diverted from the gold standard.