Monday, December 1, 2008

Obama's Annoying Facial Tic

Obama facial tic

What happens when you commit a lie, flip-flop for political expediency, and make unintelligent decisions on the whim? The answer is stress and anxiety.

Throughout a strain and long presidential campaign, the stress and anxiety is finally catching up with the messiah. I finally understand that when you are unable to keep your story together there is something subconsciously that triggers an organic physiological response which causes a tic. With the messiah's problem of flip-flopping and breaking promises, I'm very surprise that this hadn't happen years ago. As I have said, Obama is way over his head and it is starting to show because he has developed a facial tic under his right eye.

The tic on the lower part of his right orbital bone is clearly visible in his recent interview with ABC's Barbara Walters. The Obama camp say it first emerged during the primary season and has now become chronic. For those Obama supports who wanted the "perfect" president, what do you think of your messiah now? How will he be taken seriously when he presents himself to world leaders with a facial tic? How will he look presenting the state of the union address on national television? Base on Michelle Obama's rant that this country is a mean country in 2008, I have a funny feeling the America people will be dissuaded to support the "perfect" president with a physical flaw because we become accustomed as a society to embrace the materialistic physical beauty of the person above everything else. It's a pity that the message is drowned out by judging the physical aspect of the person. We are a flawed society, which can be blamed on what we see on TV and read in magazines.