Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Obama Implicated to Gov Blagojevich Scandal?

It seems that Illinois politician have a history of corruption as seen today when the FBI arrested Illinois Governor Blagojevich for a list of corrupted dealings. It seems that Obama has a link to this mess, which may implicate the president-elect into this messy scandal.

Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich wanted President-elect Barack Obama to give Blagojevich a special favor in exchange for going along with Obama's choice to fill his vacant US Senate seat. This information is damning evidence against Obama according to an FBI affidavit.

The FBI says Blagojevich wanted to be a high paying job as Secretary of Health and Human Services and giving Blagojevich's wife a paid board of director position of a corporation as the price for naming Obama's successor.

Because Blagojevich is hungry for money, he is willing to do anything to get that power he desires. Therefore, he didn't care abusing his seat as governor to get it.

Unknown if Obama spoke to Blagojevich directly or through an aide, the FBI affidavit said Blagojevich had been told that "the President-elect can get ROD BLAGOJEVICH's wife on paid corporate boards in exchange for naming the President-elect's pick to the Senate."

Obama or his aide representing the president-elect said that Obama can arrange something for Blagojevich wife, but unable to give the governor the Secretary of Health and Human Services.

The FBI says it heard Blagojevich complain he has to give this "motherf***er [the President-elect] his Senator. F*** him. For nothing? F*** him. . . I will pick another candidate before I just give f***ing [Senate Candidate l] a f***ing Senate seat and I don't get anything."

Out of frustration, Governor Blagojevich apparently considered appointing himself to Obama's Senate seat, but the Feds interceded and ended this pathetic drama.

It is apparent that Obama had a role in this. Just like his radical association with Wright, Resko, and Ayers, I wonder if Obama is going to throw Blagojevich under the bus. This is getting better each day. This will definitely hamper any presidential re-election ambition for Obama because this is too good to ignore. In fact, forget the birth certificate lawsuit, we can impeach Obama using Blagojevich as the patsy. LOL.