Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Obama is a Muslim and Will Apologies to the World

Barack Obama plans to apologies to the Islamic World as soon after taking office. Why? I have no freaking idea! Let me get this straight. Obama is seeking to appease the Muslim world that America is not the barbarians that hates Muslims. I would say that it would be the other way around. Base on the Quran, Islam is the truth, while all religions are not. My problem to this propaganda, Obama is trying to distract the real issue at hand and that his administration is starting to fall apart. Since when we have to apologies to the Muslim world, when, in fact, they hate us the most. In this country, Muslims and Christians are able to coincide humanely. There is a religious tolerance here in America that each religious sect respects. Therefore, going to the rest of the world to apologies something we aren’t doing (killing each other for our religious belief) is unfounded and stupid.

If the Muslim world doesn’t understand us, they should screw themselves. If they don't like how we can live in harmony with many religions in one country, they should come to America and realize their dream of prosperity and freedom. To whine and be angry for something we don't have any control of should not be a mandate to kill us. This apologetic trip may just reassure to the Muslim world that we actually hate them.

So, my question is what happens afterwards? Are we going to be hold hands and sing kumbaya?

Obama says, "I think we've got a unique opportunity to reboot America's image around the world and also in the Muslim world in particular." The messiah also says, "I promise an unrelenting desire to create a relationship of mutual respect and partnership in countries and with peoples of good will who want their citizens and ours to prosper together. The world is ready for that message." So, Obama didn’t realize that the people of France, England, Germany, and Italy voted for leaders who are pro-American. I guess Obama is blindsided in his fantasy world full of drugs. He thinks the world hates America. They may be envied of us, but that doesn’t mean they should hate us.

So, am I assuming Obama thinks we are the bad guys and the terrorist attack in India was our fault? Since Americans were there vacationing in India, these Islamic wackos gives them the right to target us. You think Obama's "save the world” speech will make a difference. I would think it will embolden the enemy by making us scared to their demands. The world knows that we don't have the guts to finish the job. Even Osama Bin Laden said that al Qaeda can't win militarily, but they can destroy the will of the American people with a couple of IEDs.

This is the first national security blunder Obama has committed. Appeasement does not work. This speech will weaken our stance against terrorism. It gives the go ahead to those terrorist around the world that USA will just turn a blind eye, just like the Clinton Administration. Like the attack in India that caused 6 American deaths, Obama just give condolences with no solutions how to bring justice. Even though Bush is being proactive, Obama could encourage President Bush to do something, but didn't. This window of opportunity to show the nation that Obama as a leader is lost. This shows the lack of insight of the president-elect.

Get this! To show his Muslim heritage, Obama will be sworn on January 20, 2009, by his full name, Barack Hussein Obama. Throughout the campaign season, nobody was allowed to use his middle name. Now, it is apparent that he is proud of his Muslim heritage. To those people who thought Obama was a Muslim, YOU ARE RIGHT! If Obama decided to be sworn on the Quran, I will guarantee that there will be hell to pay!