Monday, December 8, 2008

Obama is Running George W. Bush Third Term

I had several Liberals comment on my blogs stating I was nuts saying that Obama ran as a moderate or centrist. It is true Obama ran as a left wing Liberal against Hillary and won because the liberal ideology is the platform of the Democrat party. But when it came to the general election, Obama had to run to the middle to attract those naive souls to vote for him. Majority of American, at least 58 million of them, are not Liberal, and in order for Obama to tap that group, he had to tone down his views or ignore it altogether.

What we are seeing now is the descent of the Liberals. They are growing increasingly angry because they are feeling betrayed. Hey, Obama is trying to get re-elected in 2012 and he is trying to throw a temporary smokescreen to pander those voters who voted for him.

Obama's Cabinet positions and policy choices are not in line to his promises from his presidential campaign. For instance, Obama has reversed pledges to immediately repeal tax cuts for the wealthy (he will allow it to expire). He rescinded his windfall profits tax on Big Oil (with oil $45 a barrel, I don't think so). Obama flip-flopped again on his call for a quick drawdown in Iraq (he wants it to succeed before going to Afghanistan).

Doesn't it seem that Obama is running a George W. Bush third term? Even though I love George W, Obama is going to expand the role of government on social issues on grander scale, keep a strong foreign policy, and continue the war against terrorism. It is probably why Obama kept Gates as Secretary of Defense, a Bush appointment, to keep this country safe. Still, I resent Obama's ideology of raising any taxes during weak economic times. We know he will taxes. How would Obama pay for his massive spending spree in a slowing economy without raising taxes? Even though Obama already conceded that cutting taxes will stimulate tax revenues, he is stubborn enough not to listen to his own reasoning. This shows immaturity and his inexperience.

It rather comical that Obama wants to surround himself with a centrist to right cabinet. What is comical is that these new cabinet members have extra baggage and may be a detriment to the position they will hold. I'm curious to see when Obama will get an actual Democratic administration.

I never viewed Liberal blogs, but I was curious how they viewed Obama and it surprised me they are pissed off. These bloggers are on a warpath and going to critique Obamas every move. That's kind of weird. They voted him in and now they are unsure that they chose the right person for the job.

Of course, Obama won't let them down completely. Obama will throw them a bone now and then to keep these left wing morons in check.

So, to summarize, Obama lied that he vowed to tax windfall profits on the Big Oil companies. At $45 a barrel, I don't think there would be any excessive profits to tax. Obama lied about immediately repeal the Bush tax cuts, but sad he would let them expire instead. Obama lied that he will end the war in Iraq by filling his national security positions who supported of the Iraq war (Hillary and Gates). Obama lied that he would not allow warrantless wiretapping on U.S. soil to continue, but instead he voted to support it. Obama lied he would put an economic team who supported the liberal agenda, but instead put in pro-labor supporters on the team.

But I'm not going to jump up and down supporting that Obama will run to the center. There are certain pledges by powerful lobbyist that lines Obama's pocket. I cannot see Obama reneging out his promise for pro-union card check, legalizing all forms of abortion, and putting justices on the Supreme Court that will legislate from the bench.

Obama is still the most liberal senator in the US Congress and will govern with that mentality.

For those Obama supporters, he is asking for patience. Obamas only excuse for his unorthodox manner is that he is only shifting his stance on some issues because circumstances are shifting. Well, like "DUH."

Whether you support Obama or not, he wasn’t quite the change we envisioned.