Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Pope, The World Economic Crisis, and the True Meaning of Christmas

We are all human built with mortal flaws. We understand these flaws and accept them openly. But still, it annoys me when we take these human flaws for granted and blame a misfortune to something or someone else. It is like for a stubborn person not giving in to reality for a folly he/she believes to be true.

Taking stubbornness as an example of a human flaw, it takes an event to realize the obvious that the true answer is very simplistic.

Therefore, it was so nice for Pope Benedict XVI to remind us the true meaning of Christmas. Majority of us forget and take it for granted. If you ask the "man on the street" the first thought that comes in his/her head when they hear the word Christmas, many would say Santa, gifts, and Christmas tree before saying the birth of Jesus. It nothing to be embarrass about, but it reminds us that our humanity makes each one of us very unique.

I am so glad that Pope Benedict XVI pointed out another spin to the benefits of a worldwide economic recession. I pointed out in my past blog how the recession had its good points. But taking this worldwide, it has a bigger meaning that affects many of us.

This recession has made us see Christmas in a different light. As I said earlier, it takes an event to see the truth. While many would mean fewer Christmas presents, these tough times can give back the simplicity and solidarity to the true meaning of Christmas.

Pope Benedict expressed that the financial crisis has help people focus on the spiritual meaning of Christmas. And for those who don't understand the meaning of Christmas, ask any Christian worldwide as they will say it marks the birth of Jesus.

The simple message that Pope Benedict said is a perfect reflection to the authentic values that Christmas brings. Pope Benedict showed that this crisis has helped people rediscover about themselves that the birth of Jesus brings warmth, simplicity, friendship and solidarity. It shouldn't be fighting in the malls, dreading the long lines, and deciding to a complex obligation to visit relatives and family.

It's a shame that it takes a crisis for us to stand and reevaluate what is the real truth and that has always been there from the beginning. Like Jesus, we tend to forget HE is there and take HIM for granted until we need HIM. Since we are selfish and so self-absorbed in the complexities of life, just know that HE will never abandon you. All HE ask is very simple and doesn't take any effort and that is to remember what is the true meaning of Christmas and Easter.

Pope Benedict have stressed this in his sermons, but it seems it goes in one ear and out the other. Since the Holy Father has a deep understanding of Christianity, it would be logical that we aren't ready to accept its meaning. Ironically, it took a crisis for his message to be understood