Monday, December 15, 2008

This Recession Does Have Its Positives

Okay, we are in a recession. Yes, there are severe implications that are associated being in one. Unfortunately, it does happen and when the business cycle improves, we come out of it better than before. Since people tend to look at the negative, they should be looking at the positives or be a little more optimistic. In the past months, have you noticed yourself drinking less and exercising more? Do you find yourself paying down your credit card debt? If you smoke, have you cut back? Have you been spending more time with your kids, and spending more time with your aging parents or grandparents? Have you lost weight? Does the air seem cleaner, the roads less crowded? Well, you are not dreaming. This is the atmosphere in being in a recession. I heard from some economist on FoxNews trying to rationalize that a slowing economy can actually help you live longer. He said it is just one of a few payoffs that might surprise many Americans who see this recession as an unrepaired disaster.

Whether or not you see the recession giving a positive response in a person life, there are direct improvements that we haven't seen for the past several years. I have mentioned in the past that this recession has been a life saver in terms with the price of gas. For the past several years, we have seen an artificial bombardment on the barrel of oil and the prices at the gas pumps, but now it has drastically toned down from its hype. From $147 per barrel of oil and $4.00 per gallon of gas, I am excited to see that this recession because the price of oil to drop to $48 per barrel and the price of gas $1.60 per gallon. I don't know about you, but I rely on my car a lot for my job. To see this pleasant sight at the gas pump is much to my liking. But still, I am not sitting on my laurels. We need to be dependent from foreign oil because this honeymoon may be short lived. If it took 4 months to see the price of oil and gas come down more to a comfortable level, I can imagine it can reverse course, just the same.

Beside the price of oil, did you know that many illegal aliens are leaving in droves back across the Mexican border? Based on a report by the Mexico's interior ministry, there are more than 1 million people returning back to Mexico in the past year. Do you know why? This recession caused job layoffs, no job opportunities, anti-immigrant sentiment and the crackdown on illegal immigrants. The best part is that these illegal aliens have no intention of returning back. How do I know that? That is because the Mexican consulate said there is a 25% increase of import tax exemptions applications by these illegal aliens to bring home their belongings. Hopefully, before they change their minds, we will have the borders secured once and for all.

Another positive not to point out is that US dollars aren't being sent across the border to support the Mexican economy. Last year, the illegal aliens sent $2 billion across to Mexico to their families. Ironically, this is a significant drop to what they have been sending in past years since 1996 when the Mexico's Central Bank began tracking.

Wow, imagine if we stop the flow of US dollar heading to Mexico by curbing illegal alien’s entrance into the United States ($2 billion) and end foreign oil dependence ($750 billion), the messiah should have enough money at his disposal to socialize this country with his nationalized agenda. But honestly, just stopping the influx of illegal aliens and drastically curb our oil dependence can help the working tax payer in a big way.