Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We Need More Gay School and Gay Studies

Hey, I didn’t say it. I don’t support this ridiculous ideology, but the person that president-elect Obama nominated to be Education Secretary did. Yes, believe it or not, Arne Duncan, who was selected to join the cabinet as Secretary of Education and was a former executive officer of Chicago Public Schools, adamantly has supported specially designated high schools for gay, lesbian and transgendered teens.

At an October 2008 event at a Chicago location that Duncan designated for a gay school to be built, he said, "If you look at national studies, you see gay and lesbian students with high dropout rates...Studies show they are disproportionately homeless. I think there is a niche there we need to fill."

It is a scary thought that Duncan already has a curriculum in mind to be utilized as the model for a national program for educating gay teens. Did you know there is a school in Chicago that caters to gay youth? It is called the School for Social Justice Pride Campus and this is the school the Duncan will establish precedent for all future gay schools. The school open in 2010 with 600 students enrolled.

I do have a problem with this. In this current state of economy, this is a complete waste of our tax payer’s money to spend on something that is totally unnecessarily. I don’t think it is the role of the government to set a standard “gay” curriculum of courses that we should teach our children. Learning how to be gay, give oral sex, and receive anal sex is not a prerequisite to go college. This is something we should not encourage. I think it is the role of the parent to teach their children about sex education and not the government. Beside, it is immoral to encourage this type of lifestyle in this backward society. Supporters for gay education are a small percent of the population. Why does a minority rule the majority class? This is why I support home school education. If these families want gay schools, they should teach their children how to be gay then.

Just step back and look how ludicrous this form of education. Does this look normal? Please be honest! If this goes through, I would be completely ashamed of this country and what we have become. I want someone to tell me, with a straight face, how a gay school would over all improve the current state of our education.