Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Obama Views Terrorism as a Police Matter

I am dumbfounded to hear the Obama Administration proudly claim that the system worked as a terrorist bomb plot was foiled on a Detroit-bound flight from Amsterdam. Well, it is quite jolting and inconsiderate to inform everybody that “the system worked” was defined as a private citizen on that plane able to subdue the terrorist from igniting the explosives.

The Obama Administration has back peddled its initial statement and said the whole incident was as catastrophe. But he added that such admission was the fault by the previous president (George W. Bush). I can’t believe the gumption of this current president and not having the “balls” to take any form of responsibility. Obama has been president for 1 year and he still blames the past president for his woes. I can only recall we haven’t had a serious terrorist plot that came close to fruition after 9/11, but I digress.

Obama doesn’t care to hear such nonsense regarding to terrorism. In his eyes, there is not such thing. It is an overseas contingency matter that can be done at the local level with the police. In other words, it is a police matter. This is how it was define by Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano. She had the gall to say that the matter in Detroit was taken out of context and made political with the near disaster. She has no business running Homeland Security because like Obama, she has no experience dealing with terrorism. In fact, she is the bozo who said that the system worked in preventing the terrorist bomb attack on the Detroit-bound flight from Amsterdam.

I am disturbed that it took couple days for Obama to come forth to give his thoughts on the matter, but if it was anything regarding to healthcare, that Tele-prompter would be ready to feed any lines (lies) to the American public. Ever since Obama took the eye off the ball, it seems easier for a terrorist to sneak their way inside a plane. First off, this radical Muslim terrorist was able to sneak onto the plan with the explosives. Secondly, the father of the terrorist went to the embassy expressing concerns that his son is a radical Muslim, but that didn’t stop his terrorist son to get on the plane. Thirdly, I am surprise that no one caught notice that the ticket was purchase in cash for an international flight and he didn’t have any luggage. Finally, it took a fellow passenger to disarm the terrorist. Where was the security of the arm pilots, personnel, or undercover Marshalls on board that plane?

I can vividly remember what Joe Biden said, “he (Obama) is young, relatively inexperienced running mate would, if elected, face international crisis early on from those eager "to test the mettle of this guy." Well, it is only one year as president and I think Obama had enough.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Democrat Switching Toward the Republican Party

What a big difference a year could do to the atmosphere of the political arena. One year ago, we had Republicans dropping like a hot potato. Every GOP running for re-election in 2008 ran away and denigrated George W. Bush. These idiot Republicans tried to keep an arms length distance from the former president.

But since Obama took center stage, it is Democrats turn to flee from the “messiah.” The poll numbers are showing a move toward Republican candidates in the 2010 mid-term election. In the latest Generic Congressional Ballot, there is a big eight-point swing favoring Republican over Democrats. This is very significant because Republicans have been lagging behind for many years. Well, I’m not too surprise by the numbers. I was expecting this. From day one, I have always said that Obama will demonstrate his liberal ideology when he became president. I didn’t fall for the sweet talking used-car salesman and his blatant lies. I understand it takes action to finally realize the mistake by those who voted for Obama’s hope and change motto. Well, I told you so.

The latest poll by Rasmussen Report showed that 44 percent would vote for their district’s Republican congressional candidate; compare that to the 36 percent who would support their Democrat opponent. This is the start of the fall of the liberal stupidity in Washington D.C. This is why the Democrats are frantic to pass any stupid legislation in order it will be implemented and difficult to reverse. This is why a bill like universal healthcare, which hasn’t been read by members of congress or explain how it will be funded, is so important for Democrats to pass.

Perhaps it explains why Democrat Congressman Parker Griffith (Al) decided yesterday to switch parties. How about that? A Democrat turned Republican. Parker Griffith is a blue dog Democrat with very conservative values. It is certain the congressman’s switch is all political, but do you blame him? Besides switching parties, there are many Democrats deciding to retire from the political arena.

This is too good to be true! Somebody pinch me!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

4 Democrats Retiring from the House and Many More to Follow

What a major turnaround we are witnessing during these disturbing political times. Not too long ago, I can recall how the American public viewed Republican as the “boogie-man.” Ever since Obama took office, the American people are now realizing what a mistake to put Democrats in power. We have seen it in cycles. It happens all the time. For the past 5 years, it was the Republicans getting the “shaft.” Now, it is evident that Democrats are getting the same treatment. I like to call it “Karma.”

With Republicans taking the governors seat in New Jersey and Virginia, two well known states whose residents voted for Obama, we are seeing a similar scenario with the 2010 mid-term elections for the House seats. With Republicans plagued by retirement of its members in the last elections, Democrats are feeling the same pinch like the Republican did in 2008.

As of today, there are 4 Democrats in the House of Representatives who will not run for re-election in 2010. This could be a trend. We may see an influx of retirements in the upcoming months. Whether spending more time with family and friends or being flustered with politics, I can confidently say that their reason for their retirement had to do with Obama and his failing approval ratings. No longer is it feasible to use the momentum that Obama brought during his campaign march to the White House. Every Democrat is running away and putting distance between the president and themselves. It is the same thing that happened to George W. Bush. But with Bush, it was done through misrepresentation and stretching the truth via the mainstream media. With Obama, it is due to poor domestic and foreign policy, and the lack of experience he once said to be a minor issue. I call it an ego trip for an arrogant man, who thinks he is above the law.

In fact, a recent poll number showed that 37% of the American people wouldn’t mind if George W. Bush came back in power. Relatively small percent, but that is considered significant when compared to 47% approval rating with Obama. The Democrats are beginning to see the writing on the wall. Instead of choosing to fight in a difficult political environment, they are taking a pass and opting for retirement. That is good news for the GOP.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Obama Admits Spending to Get Out of Recession

Many friends, who are Obama supports, wanted me to give this president some slack. Well, I have given him close to a year and what have we seen? Practically, NOTHING! In a recent Gallup Poll, Obama’s job approval rating fell to 47 percent. It is the lowest ever recorded for any president at this point of his term. The last two presidents fared better than Obama. Bill Clinton received a 52 percent approval rating and George W. Bush received an 86 percent approval rating after one year in office.

The liberals would give lame excuses saying that the president does not “put a lot of stock” in these surveys. I would say they are foolish and idiotic. Of course, the president adheres to the polls numbers because it gives a very rough estimation how the American people view the job performance of this president.

I believe it is hopeless for Obama to turn around his failing poll numbers. Currently, Obama understands that jobs creation is his ticket to get back on the favor of the American people. But when Obama says that we need to spend our way out of this recession to get more American back to work, I personally think Obama is digging himself in a deep hole.

The problem Obama faces is his continual dependence on the Chinese and foreign countries to bail us out. This massive stimulus proposed to spend on highways, bridges, and infrastructure must come from somewhere. If it is not from tax cuts, which allow companies to hire new employees and grow, I wonder where this president is planning to get the money. Everything comes with consequences and crippling the dollar is one step to destroying the prominence of this great nation. On the other hand, probably this is what Obama intends to do.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tax Tax Tax Us to Death

Why is it necessary to inundate the American people with frivolous taxes? Why is necessary to allow the Bush Tax Cuts to expire and still tax us some more? Why is it necessary to put surtax onto the American families to pay for the war in Afghanistan? Is this why the American people decided to oust the Republican from Washington to put in Democrats? I must be a fool to think Democrats were fiscally responsible.

Did you know if Universal Healthcare passes through Congress, we would not see anything implemented for many years? That is because there has to be some capital to institute such a huge project. Americans could pay billions of dollars more in new taxes for a few years before they're likely to see any significant change in the nation's healthcare system under legislation that Congress is considering. Republicans say there's no guarantee that even that money will be enough, and in the meantime, higher taxes could stifle an ailing economy.

How much could Obamacare cost? Congress' nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation estimates that taxpayers will fork over $30.9 billion more beginning in 2011, $31.7 billion the next year and $45 billion in 2013. By then, it still might not be apparent what they’re paying for.

Is this why Obama got voted in? The American people were duped by a fast talking, smoothing operating car salesman. It is true of the saying that there is a sucker born every minute.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Yankees World Champs!

Greatness! The world is now right! The dynasty has come back!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Obama Can't Save Virginia and New Jersey

A little foreshadowing was very evident from yesterday’s primaries. Even Barack Obama didn’t bother to follow the progress because he knew what the outcome would be. The GOP was victorious in the states of Virginia and New Jersey for governor. These are the two states the president campaigned rigorously for the Democrat incumbents and failed miserably. Even though the GOP narrowly won in the 23rd Congressional District of New York State, the narrow win would have been realized if the GOP didn’t screw it up by putting a RHINO as their pick. The lack of understanding on the GOP’s part that Conservatism is alive and well is beyond me.

By picking RHINO’s to represent Conservative Republicans got us in this predicament in the first place. Polls have shown that 44% of American views themselves as Conservative, 20% Liberal, and 30% Moderate. I can’t find any studies/poll to show that this country wants to follow the socialist views of Barack Obama. In fact, I would not be surprise if any members of Congress start distancing themselves from an unpopular president when they come up for re-election.

Liberal Democrats on Capitol Hill should be shaking in their boots. Let these primaries show that what ever they do in the next few months will dictate how the American public will vote in next year Congressional and Senatorial elections. The fanfare of Barack Obama has past its peak and it is going to be a downward side from this point on. I can’t believe how 10 months made all the difference to wake America up.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Obama wants to Punish those who are Unhealthy

It has been some time since I wrote something. I feel that if America doesn’t get it by now, we are lost to make the same stupid mistake as we did in 2008 when we elected an idiot to run this country. Let me make this extremely clear. The Liberals in Washington, D.C., wants what they feel is right for each one of us. And at the same time, they feel privileged that they don’t need to follow their own advise.

With practically the majority of Americans are obese, Congress is adopting another intrusive way in controlling how we live. This health care reform bill contains a requirement that will penalize any Americans who are fat and unhealthy. It will force companies to reward and penalize any employee to lose the weight, stop smoking, and lower their cholesterol. How absurd is that? This is unconstitutional. Even though the idea may be ideal, the reality of it all is destroying the fundamental fiber of personal freedom.

It is a joke to mandate insurance companies to cover every single American and not denying them coverage if they have preexisting condition. It would be truthful to say it will raise the cost of the premium, but to say it will lower the cost is disingenuous. The fact is that we will eventually see insurance companies and employers make health coverage less affordable for people who have risk factors like diabetes and cancer. This is what Obama wants. That is to force insurance companies out of business, force employers to drop coverage, and make these employees demand the public option.

I had no idea Washington became experts in medicine. I guess they feel people get diabetes because they eat too much sugar or hypertension is caused by eating too much salt. These law makers who are representing us are idiots. These are the same individuals who own a “Mercedes” healthcare plan that is only privy to the fat cats in Washington, D.C. Also, these are the same law makers who would not give up their healthcare plan and accept the identical health plan they are planning to impose on us. What does that say to you?

Personnel responsibility is perfectly okay, but to force it upon us is wrong. There are people who are past that stage of recovery. I do not believe in government in running our lives. Give us the necessary education to provide us the tools to make a responsible change. The government is trying to make this happen over night. It may be easy for the government to raise our taxes, run up the debt, and spend money like drunken sailors, but to fix healthcare overnight is impossible.

There are a few employers trying to do what is right for their employees, but it is on a voluntary bases. The reward is a lower premium for those who succeed in a particular program, but it doesn’t drastically punish those who fail or refuse to enter such programs. In the governments plan, it is do it or else.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Obama Needs to Get Off The Pot and Resolve the War in Afghanistan First

Obama hand picks General McChrystal to lead our 68,000 US troops in Afghanistan as well as the 100,000 NATO forces and now, I think, the president is starting to regret his choice. Not because of leadership, but General McChrystal vocal desire to get the job done.

While Washington is deciding how to define success, General McChrystal is requesting for more troops to counter the onslaught of these insurgents. While healthcare seems to be more imperative than the soldiers dying abroad, I find it peculiar Obama can’t make a decision on a request that was presented back on August 31. That was the day when General McChrystal delivered a report on Afghanistan requested by the president. What does it take to get this president to change priorities? If majority of people are satisfied of their insurance, I think postponing the debate until fixing the problem facing in Afghanistan seems reasonable. It has been over a month since that report and Obama hasn’t done crap to resolve the issue. While Obama is campaigning around America, making a pitch to the Olympic committee, and using tax-payer money to take his wife out to dinner, we are seeing our soldiers dying abroad.
I can’t stand idiotic pundits claiming that the general is being insubordinate. The general is being forthright to protect his troops from harms way. If the issue wasn’t dire, I would think McChrystal would have kept his mouth shut. But since our military is getting spanked in Afghanistan, I think McChrystal has justified his action.

I refuse to accept Washington knowing more than the generals on the battle front. I refuse to accept idiotic law makers in Washington micromanage the war. Ironically, Liberals were on Bush’s butt for doing this, but when it’s Obama, he gets a pass. Hypocrites! I respect the fact that McChrystal rejected Vice-President Biden’s support on changing the strategy in using more drone missile strikes and Special Forces against al-Qaeda. What does Biden know about modern day warfare? I would trust the generals and commanders on the battle front than any liberal jerk with a personal agenda.

I know everybody is tired with the war, but waiting does not prolong a favorable outcome. Public support will erode and this effort will not remain winnable indefinitely. We need to act now. Obama needs to get off the pot and change his priorities because the only success for this war is to win at any cost!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Greenspans says Unemployment to Exceed 10 percent

When you have former Fed Chairman Alan Greenspan saying that Obama has dropped the ball on the economy, it would be considered significant. The former Fed Chairman said that he predicts the unemployment rate will exceed 10 percent and will stay there for a while.

On ABC’s “This Week” this past Sunday, Greenspan said that a growing number of Americans who have been out of work six months and longer is a big concern because people who are out of work that long lose skills over such a prolong period.
Now, here is a rare eye opener? When asked if we need to see another economic stimulus to revive a sagging economy, the brilliance of Greenspan overwhelmed me. He said that a second economic stimulus is not called for because more than half of the current stimulus is not effect and because the nature of the recovery is not yet clear.

In other words, why spend more if the first one is not spent yet. Again, no kidding Sherlock! On the other hand, a crisis is a bad thing to waste. So, I wouldn’t be surprise if Obama will try to push for second pork spending stimulus bill.

Where is the Outcry of our Military Dying in Afghanistan

I thought the anti-war critics hated war. It seems I don’t hear any protester banging their drum to end the war in Afghanistan or Iraq. I don’t even hear anymore the deaths of military men and women over there either.

Well, let me inform everybody something that the media has forgotten to report since the days of the George W. Bush era. Our military men and women in Afghanistan are dying and Washington is sitting with their thumbs up their butts. In today’s saga, a well planned attack by 300 insurgents’ isolated and American outpost and “bombed” it. Eight American soldiers and 2 Afghan policemen were killed, with many injured during this fight. The battle lasted all day with the American and Afghan forces coming victors, but with a heavy price.

This ongoing attack to our military force comes in a critical time when Obama will decide to accept General Stanley McChrystal, the commander of the US/NATO force in Afghanistan, 40,000 extra troops or reduce the counter-insurgency operation against the Taleban and focus more on al-Qaeda. This will test the mettle of the Obama Administration. Currently, Obama is trying to define what success is. The blithering idiot should take the definition penned by George W. Bush. A successful war is to win. DUH!

While the Administration is trying to micro-manage the war, about 247 American troops died in Afghanistan this year. Since 2001 at the start of the war, we have seen 874 American troops died under the hands of jihad. Am I going to assume that its okay to see our military die without complaints since Obama is in office? What happen to the American people? Where is the outcry? I call every single American who complained during the Bush era a bunch of idiots and hypocrites.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Jewish Supporters Having Obama's Buyers Remorse

Many Jewish Americans are mostly Democrats and many are Obama supporters. Well, a recent Gallup poll conducted today showed a deteriorating “buyer’s remorse” with regard to their support for Obama.

Since inauguration day 10 months ago, Obama approval rating among the Jewish community has eroding at an alarming pace. According to the poll, Obama’s approval rating dropped from 83% to 64%. That is a whopping 23% decline and that trend is a good indicator that Obama supporters are feeling really stupid right now. Finally, they now understand that experience matter the most than flowery words.

Thank Obama for the 9.8% Unemployment

You should thank Barack Obama and his liberal cronies for their idiotic ideology that spreading the wealth is a good thing for America. Also, let’s include their stupid belief that big government is right for America because we can’t live without them.

Well, this economy is Obama’s problem child and there is no way he can blame this on Bush. The recession began on December 2007 and I don’t think we are in the clear. Unemployment jumped to 9.8% today and this figure did not include the regional manufacturing survey, which showed some deterioration.

This is the highest unemployment rate recorded by the Labor Department since June 1983. Also, we have seen payroll dropped 21 consecutive months. While many liberal economist and the main stream media try to paint a rosy picture, the fact still remain that 263,000 jobs were lost in September. Instead of seeing the bottom of this recession, we are seeing the byproduct of a liberal agenda going bad. This $700 billion stimulus spending bill didn’t curb the unemployment; it went through the roof.

While economist said the unemployment is holding steady, the government revised the job losses for July and August to show 13,000 more jobs lost than previously reported. Let’s face facts. Unemployment is a real indicator for the layperson to understand the economy. To be honest, we are looking at 7.6 million people out of work since December 2007. In total, there are 15.1 million people looking for work in America.

I think it is time for a change. We need to get rid of the Democrats in Congress and suppress Obama’s soft tyranny on the American people.

Obama Got Rejected

It took a while, but I truly believe that Obama has received a reality check. With the economy in turmoil, this current president went abroad to Copenhagen and made a pitch to the Olympic committee to bring the 2016 Summer Games to the United States. Ironically, the president was pitching to bring the Summer Games to his corrupted hometown of Chicago. But alas, the committee listened on deaf ears as Michelle and Barack Obama gave a lackluster speech and rejected their offer.

Michelle said to the committee, “I’m asking you to choose Chicago. I'm asking you to choose America."

Then her husband said, "If you do, if we walk this path together, then I promise you this: The city of Chicago and the United States of America will make the world proud."

I have to laugh out loud how disingenuous the first lady and the current president have become. There are riots, violence, and corruption throughout Chicago. To turn it around and make it safe for tourism is asking for a miracle. I got a bigger laugh when the president got the rejection notification from the committee as the president and first lady board Air Force One back to the United States.

I think now with unemployment at 9.8% and the American people annoyed, the president capital has been tremendously waned. Even the leaders abroad feel that this president is insignificant and arrogant.

As I have always stressed, Obama is way over his head. It tells us that one needs experience to be the leader of this free world, and not pretend to be one.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Homeland Security Sends Millions to Border Checkpoint in Montana as Grave Importance

This is what happens when you put someone inexperience to run something of high importance. I bet you were thinking I would have said Obama, but that is beside the point. I am referring to Homeland Security Director Janet Napolitano.

Her performance as director to keep this country safe has been lackluster. The latest criticism is her handling of federal stimulus money for her department. Napolitano’s decision to hand over money to smaller border checkpoints for renovations is more important than beefing up security over busier, top priority areas. It shows a lack of common sense. To allow Napolitano to spend an absorbent amount of economic stimulus in wasteful projects is reflective how this administration is handling this economic debacle. It’s is a gross dereliction of duty in a bottomless pit of wasting taxpayers money.

Because of the pressure as it came to the attention to various Senators, Napolitano decided to halt further projects on the border until careful review how the projects were selected and will announce her findings. This is a total 180 degrees turnaround. So far, Homeland Security has refused to release any information regarding to priority list and its justifications. But as we all know how this government works, she is pandering to the public. It is already known that construction contracts are already been signed and been in the progress for months.

This all stem from a report that Whitetail, Montana received $15 million to renovate their border checkpoint. This is a small place up in Montana with very little traffic. I heard approximately three to five travelers cross that checkpoint daily. I couldn’t believe Napolitano felt this is of grave importance. This is not protecting the influx of illegal aliens coming from Mexico. This is protecting us from an influx of Canadians.

This is a waste of our taxpayer’s dollars. We are so much in debt. We need to be more frugal in our approach on what we spend. We should spend what we need and not what we want.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Obama Mystic has Evaporated

What happened to the man we called the “messiah” in the White House? What happened to the cult figure that tried to transgress race from his presidential campaign speeches? What happened to the man who wanted to be the citizen of the world? What happened to man whose overwhelming desire to be president got there and found out that he doesn’t have the experience for it? What happened to the 70 percent approval rating before he entered office to see it plummeted in the mid-40 percentile?

His name is Barack Obama and his immortality has been unmasked to what he truly is and that is a fast talking, flowery worded politician. He is a used-car salesman with a very nice suit.

Barack Obama is a known left-wing Marxist. His belief is more Socialist. I am so amazed how so many people are duped by this individual. I cannot believe how anyone can vote for him. I am surprise how the general voting public only sees the color of the skin, and feels if they don’t vote for him, they may be called a racist. Is it guilt? Is it reparations for something the whites done to the blacks generations ago? I call it stupid and ridiculous. Whatever happened voting on the candidate’s policies, their background, and their voting record?

I thought Obama’s associations with radicals like terrorist William Ayers, a terrorist sympathizer Rashid Khalidi, and a racist Rev. Jeremiah Wright would be the ending clincher of Obama’s political career, but no. I thought for sure Obama’s statement wanting “to spread the wealth” is the signal that he supports socialism, but no. I thought the books written by Obama would tell people how he views white people as demons and how to deal with them, but no. I thought siding with Pelosi and Reid, whose socialist agenda is quite known, would show the American people that Obama sides more to the left than right of center, but no. So, I guess the American voters are truly blinded by ignorance. It is the only explanation why there are so many voters remorse right now. Hope and change is a mere bumper sticker slogan than a possible chance to see it in reality.

I cannot stand this president and his pompous arrogance. During Obama’s first State of the Union address, his vision for America is purely fantasy because perception is not reality. Obama’s ideology would have been an obviously dramatic transformation that America could have witness. To see the Federal government grow exponentially faster under this current president, we have seen the government tried to overhaul the banking industry, the mortgage companies, the oil companies, the auto industry, and now, the healthcare industry.

We care a right of center country. The latest polls have Americans seeing themselves more conservative. To have something that is too dramatic of a change would cause any individual to have an anxiety attack. This is something Obama assumed when he won the presidential election. Obama thought he had a mandate to change the ideology of America. Instead, the people vote him as president for historical reasons and that is to put an African American person as president. There is no other reason. I surely wouldn’t vote for him because of his experience, his promises or his voting record.

Because of the lie Obama tried to disguise has come to the open, he is nothing but a lousy politician. The people who voted for him understood they made a mistake and the poll number show it. Independents have run away from him. Moderate Democrats are throwing Obama under the bus. Moderate Republicans are moving more to the right because these idiots know they will lose their senatorial or congressional seat if they sided with the “false prophet.” The kryptonite that has staggered “The One” was his infallible mouth. Every word that comes from his mouth is a contradiction or a blatant lie. The only thing truthful this president promised is to make this America the way he sees fit and that is weak and government dependent.

You cannot tell the American people that the system is totally broken and major reform is needed if the cure is more entitlement programs. If Medicare and Social Security is going bankrupt, why start another wasteful program like Universal Healthcare. How can cutting $500 billion in Medicare benefits have no effect on care? How can add trillions of dollars to the deficit and claim you can cut the national debt in 3 years? This is the mistake Obama has committed and the people see it. No more will the ordinary citizen be taken as fools. We have begun to express our distain for this president. Obama has been incredulous with his promise, which led to an inspiration of mistrust.

Obama is in trouble and to see rebound from a 46 percent approval rating is a tremendous feat. From messiah to an ordinary person, the mystic of Barack Obama has evaporated. The cloud that blinded those who believed he was the chosen one has been lifted. His popularity is border line because there are folks who refuse to call themselves racist. Obama’s desperation to reverse his ordinariness has brought him to speak to our children in the classroom. He feels that a new bred of cult can be organized with the children. None the less, it is still a crushing disappointment for a man that people hoped to be another Martin Luther King or a John F. Kennedy.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Obama Approval Rating Hits 46%

Can you recall any president who came into office with a very high approval rating, but to see a plummeting rating that is embarrassing to remark? If you say Jimmy Carter, you are incorrect. Carter had a high approval rating in the mid-60’s and his approval rating starting to plummet within 6 months. The correct answer is our current president.

Do you recall President Obama riding into office nine months ago with an astonishing 70 percent approval rating? In a most recent poll, Rasmussen placed the President's approval rating at just 46%.

Why has Obama fallen so far, so fast?

New York Time’s columnist David Brooks writes that the Obama administration “has joined itself at the hip of the liberal leadership in Congress.” Obama had many opportunities to untie his administration from the policies of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, but failed to stop their reckless liberal spending spree.

Brooks says, “The White House has failed to veto measures, like the pork-laden omnibus spending bill, that would have demonstrated independence and fiscal restraint. By force of circumstances and by design, the president has promoted one policy after another that increase spending and centralizes power in Washington.”

We have long known that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are out of touch with mainstream America. After all, Nancy Pelosi's nationwide approval rating is below 40%. In the short time since taking office President Obama has proven that he intends to follow their failed path of big spending and government expansion.

But is worth to note, the New York Time’s columnist stated that in the history of polling, no newly elected American president has fallen this far this fast. Brooks say, “Anxiety is now pervasive.”

For those who have buyer’s remorse that voted for Obama, I forgive you!

You made the mistake. Now, it’s your turn to fix it by speaking up!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It is Bush's Fault

As September 11, 2009, approaches, I wonder what the media will do? Will they remind us that there is still a threat on America, or will they downplay the day by televising healthcare reform or the fires in California? It seems utterly despicable that we have been complacent because we haven’t been hit on American soil for eight years now and no one gives a “rat’s ass” about it.

The mood in Capitol Hill been more political and it is an outrage that the Democrats have to stoop so low to politicalize national security. With detainees in Club Gitmo being release (possibly on our own soil) to going after CIA agents, who kept this country safe, with “illegal” interrogations, this Administration has no moral gumption, but to destroy this country. With Universal Healthcare going sour and constant missteps and gaffes, president Obama goes on the war path and blames George Bush “43" for his woes.

George Bush? Please! Obama tells the country that he inherited a $1.3 trillion budget deficit. Let me clarify. It is not $1.3 trillion dollars. Bush was responsible in passing the soon-to-be Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner $700 billion stimulus budget at the end of his term to save the banking industry, but Bush took only $350 billion to stop the bleeding and it worked. The other $350 billion was left under the next Congress for approval with the new Administration. Besides, this current “president-elect” decided to pass another $787 billion stimulus pork spending budget, kill the Bush tax cuts, only trim $100 million from his $1 trillion budget, expand the nation debt to $10 trillion in 10 years, and weaken our national security. Now, you tell me what’s wrong with this picture.

For every Obama woe, it is George Bush’s fault. But I think that American people are smart enough not to be fooled by this immature rookie’s ploy. This is Obama’s problem now because he created it. Now, Obama has a problem in Afghanistan. No media is reporting the deaths occurring over there. Unlike when Bush was in office, the media joyfully reported the number of deaths on a daily base. I think the current count of American causalities is near 800, but who is counting. We still have Defense Secretary Gates and Gen. Petraeus from the Bush era still working. You remember them. Both men successfully brought Iraq from the abyss to some kind of normalcy. The only difference is the new leader of the free world has not idea what he is doing (Obama). These men are soldiers who listen to orders and Obama treats the war on terrorism as a police problem. Don’t blame the soldiers. Put blame on the leader!

It seems everything Obama touches turns out to be blunders. It is apparent that he wants America dependent on the government. From single payer system to “pay to play” mentality, this Administration’s role is to weaken the will of the American people. By ignoring Social Security, rationing healthcare, taxing the American people, and weakening national security, I cannot formulate any other reason beside crippling this country.

The motto “We should not let a good crisis goes to waste” and “I believe in spreading the wealth,” should be taken seriously. They are not bumper sticker slogans. It is the Administration telling you that this is what they are going to do. Obama feels most Americans don’t care because they know we are mostly complacent.

If you allow this Administration do this to you, then you deserve the misery that will follow. America, you need to speak up louder every day because Obama is hedging that this anger you are displaying will dissipate in the waning months. Don’t let that “jerk” win!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Senior Will See Their Social Security Checks Dwindle

You have to listen very closely to Obama and what he says. I can remember in his campaign Obama said that will be a champion for the senior citizen. Well, of course (sarcasm)! These groups of people are considered the swing voters that helped him win the presidency. But alas, from the first day Obama stepped into office, he started to break his promises he laid out during his presidential campaign.

Obama said that senior will not see a decrease in their Social Security checks. Again, of course not! By law, Social Security benefits cannot go down. In fact, since 1975, there has been a built in automatic increase based on cost of living. But alas, Obama foolhardy arrogance got the better of him.

For the first time in generations, millions of senior citizen will be seeing a shrinking of their Social Security checks for next the next couple of years. It seems because of this economic turmoil and largely because energy price are below 2008 levels, there won’t be that cost of living adjustment that millions of seniors are counting on.

Because many are in the Medicare prescription drug program, those who choose to get their premiums deducted from their Social Security will see their checks dwindle. This is so true when the premiums for the Medicare prescription drug program will be scheduled to go up slightly next year.

This will be a real inconvenience for many seniors when they face higher cost for healthcare, declining home prices, and shrinking retirement portfolios.

Obama says he will tackle Social Security next year after trying to muster passage of his Universal Healthcare and “Cap and Trade”. Well, the president better do it real soon because this recession has brought in less tax revenue to cover Social Security. In fact, the program will be paying out more money than it receives by 2016. If Obama ignores this crisis, Social Security will go bust by 2037.

Ah, yes, the word crisis is something the Obama Administration cherishes. Remember, the motto in the White House, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

That’s the change you can count on.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Who Will Obama Blame Next For His Woes

There are a few options for Obama to blame for his demise. It is quite funny how Obama and his press secretary Robert Gibbs are withering into oblivion. It seems that as poll numbers are plummeting, Obama and Gibbs are showing their true colors. In fact, I can’t stand seeing television coverage on Obama 24/7. Whenever I turn to a channel on TV and see Obama on the campaign trail as president, I get immediately turned off. Also, whenever I see press secretary Robert Gibbs gives his briefing, I can’t help to think that this guy is an idiot. You can call me cynical, but don’t you feel the same way? It seems both men are a tad scornful, mocking, and patronizing now-a-days.

The Obama Administration is currently blaming the media for the bad publicity the president is experiencing. Obama and Gibbs can’t blame Republicans anymore. It doesn’t matter how hard the Administration tries to pin the obstruction on them. The American people finally realize that Obama got a Senatorial and Congressional Democrat Majority. They don’t need the Republicans at this point. The Republicans are too far out of power.

I see desperation when Obama picks a fight with talk show Rush Limbaugh, who is a private citizen. I roll my eyes when Obama whines about a posting by Sarah Palin on Facebook about him. When I see Obama unable to take a criticism, I have my doubt that he could lead a country.

Then Obama tried to blame his problems with the special interest groups, but that was short lived. I recall the pharmaceutical industry giving him $150 million worth of ads to bolster his healthcare initiative. So for him to blame special interest groups are a bust.

It seems blaming the American people attending the townhall meetings is not the way to go. Liberals calling the people attending the townhall meetings as “radicals”, “mobs”, and “un-American” is not nice to say to the voting public.

It was very easy for Obama to pass blame to his opponent during the Democrat primaries and during the Presidential Election, but there is no one to pass blame here except for him. There is no opponent here other than public opinion and no finish line other than the end of his term.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Universal Healthcare and the Post Office have something in common

Barack Obama is on the run with the other Liberals on Capitol Hill. They are unable to put a game plan together. It seems they are throwing anything to the wall and see what sticks.

The gaffes that this president does on frequent bases are extraordinary. The most recent gaffe which contradicts his support for Universal Healthcare is acknowledging that the Post Office has problems.

Quote: "I think private insurers should be able to compete...I mean. If you think about it, UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. It's the Post Office that's always having problems."

It seems that the president acknowledge that the private sector does a better job in offering choices to the American people. That means getting a service that is competitive and cost effective than a wasteful spending federal government.

But it seem so ironic that Obama is supporting a government run healthcare system that is inefficient, limited in choices, and backstabbing the taxpayers with higher taxes like the Post Office. I heard couple weeks ago that the Government Accountability Office (GAO) stated that the Post Office will have a $7 billion operating loss this year. They call the Post Office as a high risk federal agency. It is the same with the government own AMTRAK. It’s not surprising because I don’t recall a program by the government ever making a profit. Do you remember the “Cash for Clunkers” program?

So, if Obama admits that a government run outfit like the Post Office is a failing system, what make you think the government can make healthcare any better?

Universal Healthcare is another Cash For Clunkers Program

If we are going to nationalize healthcare, we should look how the “Cash for Clunkers” program was a disappointment and failure. There is a big comparison between the two and if we don’t learn from past mistakes, we are condemned to repeat history.

The “Cash for Clunkers” program will end Monday, August 24, 2009. On the surface, many Americans took advantage in trading their gas guzzling car for a newer fuel efficient car. A buyer will get $4500.00 taken off the price sticker of the car automatically and other incentive discounts by the dealer. Once thought that the program will run through November 2009, the money allocated to the program dried-up in less than a month. Congress decided to ante up and added $2 billion more to the program thinking they are doing the public a favor. But alas, the program failed a little over a month.

Why? Well, while it was nice and rosy on the exterior, from behind the scene, it was unraveling at the seams. Let me give you a summary of what happened.
Congress passed this “Cash for Clunkers” program on June 24, 2009. They mandated the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) to create an agency to oversee the stimulus money to the program, which is called the Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS). Congress mandated the NHTSA to begin the program no later than 30 days. On July 24, 2009, exactly 30 days after the enactment of the bill, the program had its website set up for consumers and dealers. While buyers were buying cars, dealers were inputting the sales of the cars on the government database for reimbursement of the $4500.00. Because of the ineptness of the government, the dealers weren’t getting paid on time. The website failed/crashed and dealers decided to end this foolishness.

There were so many mistakes. To force an agency to implement a brand new program in 30 days without testing the process is stupid. The agency took for granted of the website between dealer and government. Because a huge influx of dealers participating in the program, it was too overwhelming for the computer system to handle. It took dealers throughout the night to register into the program and submitting car sales for reimbursement. This lead to an abnormal number of rejection notices because of missing information by the dealer and an untested computer system.

Now think how the agency works. “Cash for Clunkers” program mandates that once a sales transaction is approved, a dealer is entitled for payment in 10 days. When you have 600,000 car sales sold in a month, what are the chances for a staffer to review and approve the dealer’s submission to be completed on time? I would make the assumption that since it is a federal agency it is highly unlikely. That is why many dealers are opting out from the program because the delay of payment is detrimental to their business. The lack of repayment have place many dealerships into unintended financial losses.

So beware how the federal government acts. They may think they are doing us a worthy service, but giving a very small deadline to implement a $1 billion program, they are doing us a disservice without any consideration to the private sector. I don’t understand why things must be rushed. It only erodes the consumer confidence of the American people. So, when Obama wants to pass this universal healthcare bill, be wary that the same mistake can happen a second time around.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Countering Obama's Rhetoric

The desperation of the Obama Democrat party is pitiful. We are seeing arrogance and miscues from the ranking Democrat leaders in Capitol Hill. From a Democratic congresswoman answering her cell phone while a constituent asks her a question to Pelosi calling the protestor against Universal Healthcare as un-American, these idiots don’t come close in comparison to the great messiah Barack Hussein Obama.

Now, since Obama has gone back on the campaign trail attending a fixed town hall meeting around the country, I need to counter some of his rhetoric with some good hard facts.

Obama promises every American can keep their current healthcare coverage, but he doesn’t tell you that more than 88 million people will lose their current insurance coverage if the government takes over our healthcare system. In an analysis of the July 15 draft of the American Affordable Health Choice Act of 2009, it said that under current law, there will be about 158.1 million people who are covered under an employer plan as workers, dependents or early retirees in 2011. If the act were fully implemented in that year, about 88.1 million workers would shift from private employer insurance to the public plan.

Remember this familiar promise? Obama pledges every American can keep their current doctor. Obama actual quote, "If you like your plan and you like your doctor, you won’t have to do a thing. You keep your plan. You keep your doctor . . . We’re not going to mess with it." Well, I heard that the Mayo Clinic says a government takeover of our healthcare system will force doctors to drop patients. This healthcare bill being presented has a provision to approve across-the-board federal payment reductions of $155 billion over 10 years for hospitals. This also means that there will be a reduction paid to doctors as well. If the government is going to pay doctors poorly, you can rest assured that they will drop patients to avoid the high cost.

My favorite rhetoric by Obama is his promise that there will be no additional tax on the middle class. To quote Obama from the "Today Show" last month, "What I’ve said is, and I have stuck to this point, I don’t want to see additional tax burdens on people making $250,000 a year or less." You know if such a bold statement was used to pander the American people, you can be certain it was a lie. In the massive healthcare bill that no one read, it had a provision that will impose a 2.5% tax on uninsured individuals. It states that a penalty will be assessed on people who don’t obtain insurance that would equal 2.5% of the difference between their adjusted gross income and the tax filing threshold.

I can see a major turnaround by the American people. While Obama is telling supporters to push back twice as hard, they are no-match to us. We are center right country. Majority views ourselves as conservatives. Recent polls show American siding Republicans as the solution to our healthcare problem. I say to Democrats, "You should be a great deal scared. Remember 1994. It will happen again."

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Democracy is Determined by Mob Rule

The truest meaning of Democracy is determined by mob rule. Liberals enjoy exploiting this terminology against former President Bush during his term. Now, it seems that the sleeping giant we call the Conservatives has awakened. Obama knew that this day would come to see his popularity fading, his job approval rating plummeting, and the promises he committed during the presidential trail are full of lies.

I fully understand why Obama has been pushing a deadline to pass Universal Healthcare before Congress recess in August. It is because these senators and congressmen will be getting an earful from their constituents as they return to their respective states. You can find video all over the internet of these town hall meetings between the elected official and their constituents. Ironically, I felt sorry for these congressmen and senators. They got more of an ear full. Instead, they got verbally traumatize by an angry mob.

It is disingenuous for the Obama Administration to say it was planned by Conservatives. Well, no one questioned when the liberal groups like ACORN, Code Pink, and the antiwar groups jumped at former President Bush. I will agree that there were some Conservative groups involved in solidifying the base at these meetings, but in these Democratic towns in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York, it was everybody of any party affiliations voicing their concerns.

We all know that Obamacare is not the way to go. Obama knows this. Neither he nor any liberal Democrat on Capitol Hill completely read the bill. We have video and audio proof that high ranking Democrats have made such comments. Even though Obama is clueless what the bill contains, he knows that the bill will weaken our freedom and put more power into this soft tyranny that we call the federal government.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Obama Doesn't Like the Middle Working Class

It is a bold statement to claim that Barack Obama despises the working blue collar worker. But as evidence is leaning against Obama’s favor, it would be foolish for us to ignore. Obama has already lied to the American people on array of campaign promises. Even Obama’s lapdog is supporting the follies of the commander-in-chief. Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner mentioned that there may be a possible tax to the middle class or he wouldn’t rule that out.

We have seen Obama tell Joe the Plumber that spreading the wealth is the right thing to do. Obama supported justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor decision about affirmative action. This particularly does not bode well for a certain firefighter Frank Ricci. Then, how can we forget police officer James Crowley arresting Obama’s friend professor Gates and the president calling the action by the police as “stupidly.”

Many would say that I’m blemishing the truth, but remember I’m not the one who said, “These people from Pennsylvania and the Midwest are bitter anger Americans that cling to their guns, God, and bible, and that they have antipathy to those who aren’t like them.” That was our President who said that. If that is not ignorant and stupid, then I must be one of many few who sees this president as a joke.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who Will Obama Sit Next to at the Picnic Table Summit

When the President of the United States invites you to the White House, I wouldn’t expect the meeting to be conducted in the kids play area in the backyard. Yes, you heard me correctly. I could not stand idle and let this opportunity pass by. To quote from what I heard on the radio, this Picnic Table Summit will occur Thursday afternoon on a picnic table outside the Oval Office. It will not be conducted inside the kitchen or the West Wing of the White House. Instead, it will be conducted where the children play. This is where president Obama, Harvard profession “Skip” Gates, and police officer Crowley will part takes the ceremonial “bury the hatchet” drinking of the beer.

For those unfamiliar with the root cause of this spectacle, let me review what happened this past week. Cambridge, Massachuset cop James Crowley arrested professor Gates, who teach African American studies at Harvard and a dear friend of Obama, at Gates home base on a call from a neighbor that there maybe an apparent breaking and entering. Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct as he used racial accusations toward the officer. This was compounded further when Obama stated that the officer conducted the matter “stupidly” without getting all the facts.

I have always said that the election was purely racial and the Obama campaign strategy was to use the race card against his opponents. That press conference when Obama put his foot in mouth gave credence how this black president views on racial profiling by the police.

In this idiotic maneuver to appease both parties, president Obama invited Crowley and Gates to drink beer and end this once and for all. For the curious, the president will drink Budweiser, Gates will be drinking Red Stripe or Becks, and Crowley will be drinking Blue Moon.

My question is what happens if Crowley and Gates sit across from each other on the picnic table? Whom will Obama sit next to? I wonder if Obama will be sitting on top of the picnic table to be neutral. LOL.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Obamas Birth Certificate is a National Security Issue

With Obama giving the okay to increase troops in Afghanistan by 22,000 due to the increase of American causalities, I can see a dilemma brewing. If you haven’t heard, Major Stefan Cook filed a lawsuit asking to rescind orders of deployment to Afghanistan until Obama can prove he is a natural-born citizen of the USA. Since there was no motion to debate in court, the Pentagon and the military revoked Cook’s deployment orders. Because Cook won the suit, there are others in the wing wanting to express their angst like a retired Army two-star general and an Air Force lieutenant colonel.

For many months, there are consistent law suits pertaining to the birth certificate of Barrack Hussein Obama and all of them was thrown out of court. Now, it seems that the military may force Obama to show his hand. This is an opportunity for the military to express their concerns and refuse deployment based on the liabilities establish by the Constitution. Major Cook’s reasoning states, “we would be acting in violation of international law by engaging in military actions outside the United States under this President’s command . . . simultaneously subjecting to possible prosecution as a war criminal by the faithful execution of these duties.”

So far, we have found out that Obama sent a letter to the Kapi’olani Medical Center for Women and Children in July mentioning that the hospital was the place he was born. That is very peculiar because Obama has always claim he was born at Queen’s Medical Center in Hawaii. Therefore, it is possible that Obama was born twice in Hawaii or he wasn’t born at Queen’s Medical Center. And with the Pentagon not wanting to challenge any soldier refusal for deployment than risking the embarrassment of exposing Obama’s birth certificate, it means the president has no other recourse, but to face the firing squad. Whether Obama was born at Kapi’olani Medical Center, Queen’s Medical Center, in Africa, or in a small town called Bethlehem, the issue of Obama’s birth certificate has evolved from conspiracy theory to a major breech on national security.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Obama Gets Booed at the 2009 Baseball All-Star Game

I watched the 2009 Baseball All-Star game and saw president Obama threw out the first pitch. For an extraordinary athlete, your president threw the ball like a girly girl as referred by Wolf Blitzer from CNN. The president threw the ball 59 feet of the required 60.6 feet from the pitching mound to home plate. Let’s say that Obama threw the ball like a wimp which landed a foot short. It was low and outside just like his approval rating. From his Teleprompter crashing to the floor during his economic speech to his pathetic first pitch throw to home plate, it seems Obama is beginning to show some kink in the armor. To add salt to the injury, I can distinctly hear of boos directly to the president. I guess the horrid 57% approval rating is affecting Obama personally.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Soldier Refuses to go to Afghanistan because Obama is Ineligible to be Presdient

Do you remember back in the presidential campaign when rumors were circulating that Barrack Hussein Obama is not a natural born citizen? Well, it seems that U.S. Army Reservist Major Stefan Frederick Cook, set to deploy to Afghanistan on June 9, 2009, says he shouldn’t have to go because the commander in chief is ineligible to serve the leader of the United States military.

There has been a bombardment of lawsuits flooding court rooms mandating the president of the United States to provide proof of an US birth certificate from Hawaii. But it seems this story that came out today took center stages and a trickle of journalists are starting to report on this.

Major Cook’s lawyer filed a request in federal court seeking a temporary restraining order on July 8, 2009. A 20-page document asked the court to grant Major Cook’s request base on the belief that Obama is not an US born citizen and is therefore ineligible to serve commander-in-chief of the US military. The theory if Obama was born outside the United States, Major Cook would be in violation of international law by engaging in military actions without consent of an US president and thereby would be subjected to prosecution as a war criminal.

I know that there are many Obama supporters claiming there is an overreaching conspiracy mumbo-jumbo, but there are too many inconsistencies to ignore.

I would like anybody to answer these simple questions? If to my satisfaction, I will personally drop further blogs on this matter.

1. What passport did Barrack Obama use when he was shuttling between
New York, Jakarta, and Karachi?

2. So how did a young man who arrived in New York in early June 1981,without the price of a hotel room in his pocket, suddenly come up with the price of a round-the-world trip just a month later?

3. And once he was on a plane, shuttling between New York, Jakarta, and Karachi, what passport was he offering when he passed through Customs and Immigration?

Here is what we know and verified by Obama:

Q: Did he travel to Pakistan in 1981, at age 20?
A : Yes, by his own admission.

Q: What passport did he travel under?
A: There are only three possibilities.
1) He traveled with a U.S. Passport,
2) He traveled with a British passport,
3) He traveled with an Indonesia passport.

Q: Is it possible that Obama traveled with a U.S. Passport in 1981?
A: No. It is not possible. Pakistan was on the U.S. State Department's "no travel" list in 1981.
Therefore, we can conclude that when Obama went to Pakistan in 1981, he was traveling either with a British passport or an Indonesian passport. If he were traveling with a British passport that would provide proof that he was born in Kenya on August 4, 1961, not in Hawaii as he claims. And if he were traveling with an Indonesian passport that would tend to prove that he relinquished whatever previous citizenship he held, British or American, prior to being adopted by his Indonesian stepfather in 1967.

The American people have the right to know how Obama managed to become a "natural born" American citizen between 1981 and 2008.

Given the destructive nature of his plans for America, as illustrated by his speech before Congress and the disastrous spending plan he has presented to Congress, the sooner we learn the truth of all this, the better.

I recommend that we put pressure on the White House, our Congressman, and Senators to answer this matter of national security.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

States Force to Borrow From Treausry to Pay Unemployment Benefits

Last month, the MSM announced that the jobless claims were less than what was predicted even though the unemployment jumped to 9.4%. But did you know that the MSM hasn’t mentioned about the jobless claims are forcing states to borrow from the Fed. Why? It is because these unemployment benefits are the obligation of each state and the piling debt is straining their own state budget.

There are fifteen states having depleted their unemployment insurance funds. It is causing them to borrow money from the US Treasury. So far, 30 of the country’s 50 states are anticipated to borrow up to $17 billion by next year. If this continues without resolution, the states will have to reject eligibility and cut benefits. The problem lies on the state-run unemployment insurance programs, which is financed via payroll taxes of the American worker. Just like Social Security, tax revenues from workers are decreasing at the same time the demands on benefits are shooting through the roof. Typically, this would have been self contained, but with unemployment close to double digits, there are not enough workers to pay for those who lose their jobs.

Do you remember the $787 billion stimulus package? In that package, Obama offered each state $7 billion to expand unemployment benefits and extend the length of time benefits are paid to 59 weeks from 26 weeks. Since this is not free, the states are required to pay back the loan with interest. Isn’t this a double edge sword the states have to face? High unemployment is causing fewer revenues to help pay the unemployed and the states have to pay back the loan with interest. How in the world will these states perform this miracle? In one way, we could see a raise in the payroll tax, but that going to get a lot of resistance. Since 46 states have a collective budget deficit totaling close to $130 billion, another way to release more money is to cut spending and we all know that is taboo to a politician.

Have you notice something? Obama liberal ideology does not work in reality. It may look good on paper and a debate, but when push comes to shove, we need to give tax cuts to everybody, including business. It is business who provides jobs with a nice salary. It is big and small businesses that help create this economy. For those idiots who believe these companies are evil need to get their head screw on straight. Obama’s distribution of wealth is killing this economy. Joe the Plumber was right when he got Obama to say those devastating words. To get out of this recession, Obama and the Democratic Congress needs to stop these stupid spending and give tax cuts to everybody to stimulate the economy. Taxing the American people during troubling times will only take us from a recession to a Depression.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where are the Jobs Obama Promised

In the span of five months, Obama has spent like a drunken sailor. We have seen a trillion dollar deficits, a trillion-dollar stimulus bill, a trillion dollar budget, a trillion dollars proposed healthcare bill, and the House recently pass the Cap and Trade bill, which is a huge tax to the American consumer. But there is one thing bothering me, where are the jobs being promised by all these spending.

I can understand the spending during the Bush Administration after 9/11. It was a wise investment that kept us safe from another terrorist attack. In contrary to Obama, I have not seen anything positive from this current president and the Democrats in Congress. I distinctly remembered Obama saying that if we pass the trillion-dollar stimulus bill, we would see unemployment not rise above 8%. Well, we pass this “porkulus” bill and unemployment shoots up 9.4%. Under Obama’s watch, we lost more than three million jobs in five months of his presidency. It is anticipated that we are going to expect double digit unemployment by the end of the year. When that happens, we are moving away from a recessionary period to a Depression.

As stated earlier, the House of Representatives went on to pass the Cap-and-Trade bill, which is a national energy tax. Anything that has to do with carbon, you will be taxed. If it is passed by the Senate, it will be the most intrusive form of tax to be forced upon us. Besides that, the government is planning to a takeover the healthcare industry, which will cost us one trillion dollars. Did you know that if we spent one trillion dollars on healthcare, it will only cover one-third of the American people who aren’t covered? Therefore, it will cost us three trillion dollars to cover everybody’s healthcare. That is a recipe for a disaster.

You will hear Obama repeat idiotic claims that Americans will be able to keep their doctors under his Healthcare plan and scoffs at critics who say his public option plan as an alternative will harm the private insurance industry. But there are two things undeniable under the Obama Healthcare plan, you cannot compete against the federal government, who can make money on the whim, and be prepared to have your medical care rationed because of the high cost of healthcare. This will eventually lead to people losing their current healthcare coverage and massive layoffs.

So, Mr. President, you got your spending. You maxed out borrowing from China and the Middle East. You have introduced several intrusive new taxes. WHERE ARE THE JOBS YOU PROMISED!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

WH Press Secretary Gibbs is an Idiot

I must honestly say that White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs is a jackass! He is ignorant and his arrogant persona reflects of his boss, Barack Hussein Obama. I almost had to gag when Gibbs went on a rant telling reporters at a press briefing that George W. Bush shouldn’t mock the messiah and his national security policies. Gibbs had the audacity to remind George W. Bush that Obama won the election and how he had to take over the fiscal mess Bush left.

Well, let us get this absolutely clear. Obama inheriting that is remotely resembles a mess can be rooted by the Democrats in Congress. They were the Majority in the last two years of the Bush presidency. Obama, Chris Dodd, Barney Frank, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid had their dirty hands with the sub-prime mess and the housing collapse (Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac). If you need to blame anybody, blame them. Oh, can someone tell Gibbs that Bush didn’t run in the November 2008 elections. We know Obama won. There is no need to remind everybody that this country voted for a neo-Marxist to represent the American people.

I almost fell off the couch when Gibbs said that Obama believes the free market is what governs our economic principles. That is joke and lie! Obama doesn’t care about anything except about himself. His self love indulgence is impeding what needs to get this country toward a right direction. How can Gibbs say this about Obama and keep a straight face? Free markets are free from intervention from the government. Obama’s government has brought a massive 9.4 percent unemployment, record spending deficits, an unsustainable national debt, government ownership of banks, the auto industry, and soon-to-be healthcare. Nationalization of the economic sectors is not the same as the free market.

Gibbs also said that Obama is looking forward in getting out of the business of having to get involved in the problematic economic sectors. I say, “Bull crap!” This president wants to bankrupt the industries and give the government full sole control. It is like the age-old adage, “More government, less freedom.” How can Obama get out once his hands got stuck in the cookie jar? He wasted our money bailing out the auto industry because GM and Chrysler eventually went into bankruptcy. Obama refused to accept any excess funds from the TARP money from the banks. Obama has force states to accept bailout money with strings attached.

Not convinced? Well, the government is not an entity that can make profit from a program. Can you name one? Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid are going bankrupt. AMTRAK and the post office are government own and they haven’t made any positive revenue. And you think government is going to make a profit by nationalizing healthcare?

It is so nice to have the Obama Administration acquire a state-own media like the main stream media. It is so nice to have every journalist of the big three swooning over every stutter Barack Obama makes. It is also nice to have a press secretary being Obama’s bitch, but there is one thing is bugging me. Why is Obama so bent out of shape with one news media - Fox News?

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Obama Promises 600,000 Jobs by Summer

We have the president of the United States claim that he is worried about the deficits and he can’t sleep at night. Besides the deficits, Obama’s job approval numbers are dwindling. On an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Obama overall job approval rating slipped to 55 percent. More than 58 percent surveyed wanted Obama to focus bringing down the budget deficit. So far, the Congressional Budget Office is putting the federal deficit to $1.8 TRILLION this fiscal year. More than 70 percent are displeased and not supporting Obama’s intervention on the economy. The American people are angry about Obama’s decision to own the auto industry, banking industry, and healthcare.

So, what is Obama planning to do? Well, for starters, he will perform a miracle by pledging to flood the economy with stimulus money and create or save more than 600,000 jobs by this summer. It is now June 18, 2009, and in a couple of days it will be the beginning of summer. I highly doubt that his bloviated claims will transpire to real results. Oh, by the way, did you hear that Obama said that at least 125,000 of those jobs are temporary. At least half of the state owned media, like ABC, forgot to mention it.

I don’t know how Obama is going to initiate this. So far, Obama has only spent on four to 8 percent of the $787 billion stimulus bill, and with a snap of his finger, he will accelerate the release of more funds to open up health centers, increase construction, keep law enforcement employed, and make 125,000 temporary summer youth jobs.

My friends, I hardly doubt that this temporary fix will amount to anything. Obama promised back in February 2009 that if he gets his stimulus bill, he will save or create 3.5 millions jobs. Well, it is June 2009, so far under his watch, Obama lost more than three million jobs and unemployment is at 9.4 percent. Common sense will tell you that the trillion-dollar spending is not working, and base on poll numbers, the American public has caught on. These fabricated projections related to the stimulus package is a joke. They are not based on the Congressional Budget Office real data collection. These numbers are just made up by the Obama Administration. It is like when Obama claimed that 150,000 jobs were saved or created by his stimulus plan so far since he signed the bill in February. We all know that is full of crock!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grade Your Congressman and Senator at

How would you like to grade your congressman and senator of your state and let them know what you think of them? Well, I found a website that will do that for you.

The website is WWW.GRADEGOV.COM

The founder of this website worked 26 years for the US Senate. Her name is Elizabeth Letchworth. Her idea was conceived from what she saw on Main Street, USA. She understood that many Americans don’t have an outlet or a clearer simple way to tell Congress what they think. So this idea became a reality.

This is an opportunity to talk with your politicians by grading them from “A” to “F” and write a letter explaining your grade. This is a great alternative to voice your opinion than listening to politician spin on TV, radio, internet, and newspapers.

So speak up and let your representative of your state know how you feel. Remind them daily that they represent you and not their own self interest. So sign up and let yourself be heard

Sunday, June 14, 2009

CIA Panetta Says Cheney Wants US to be Attacked

CIA chief Leon Panetta claims that former vice-president Dick Cheney would like to see another attack on the US to prove his point that Obama is not inform of the consequences to abandoning advance interrogation techniques on terrorist suspects.

In an interview to The New Yorker, Panetta said, "I think he (Dick Cheney) smells some blood in the water on the national security issue . . . It's almost, a little bit, gallows politics. When you read behind it, it's almost as if he's wishing that this country would be attacked again, in order to make his point."

While Panetta says Cheney’s words are dangerous politics, I say, “Why be coy? Let’s see if Cheney is right.” This would be a mute issue if Panetta did something about it. Instead, we are releasing terrorists to the US to be tried in civil court, and release some to Bermuda to live the remaining lives unsupervised and unchecked. I call Panetta a coward. If you are taking a vital element away from ones arsenals, then you are giving your opponent a chance to attack.

If Panetta believes Obama knows what is good for America, then the CIA chief should have nothing to worry about. Am I right? So, my advice to al-Qaeda and other terrorist who hate us, give it your best shot. Go and prove Cheney is wrong.

Sarah Palin Takes Command on The Today Show


On Friday, June 12, 2009, on The Today Show with Matt Lauer, Governor Sarah Palin has demonstrated why she is the leading voice of the conservative party. The stigma that put Sarah Palin as stupid, dumb, naive, unprepared, and unintelligent by the main stream media has funneled through many uninformed Americans. On several prime time interviews during the presidential campaign have put many Americans questioning her ability to lead. It is funny how the media edited and cut and paste the interview to portray the governor of Alaska as a buffoon, and the American public bought it hook, line, and sinker.

This interview on the Today Show showed how Sarah Palin can be a threat to the Democratic party. She is the counter punch to Obama, who is struggling to keep afloat as president. I just want to put this out there for my many cousins, relatives, and friends to see what I see. I want to let many readers to know that their prior impression of the governor needs to be reevaluated. She has an excellent shot to be the frontrunner of the GOP in 2012.

The Simulus Bill Did Not Bring Down Unemployment as Promised

It amazes me that I had to subject myself to listen to Vice President Joe Biden to fully understand what Obama is thinking. On Sunday, Biden said that "everyone guessed wrong" on the unemployment predictions. I don’t know what world Biden comes from, but it astounds me when he says, "The bottom line is that jobs are being created that would not have been there before."

What jobs? The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that unemployment rose to 9.4 percent. Wasn’t it 10 days before Obama took office, his economic team reported that unemployment would remain at 8 percent or below through 2009 if an economic stimulus plan pass through Congress? Well, the $747 billion stimulus bill was passed and unemployment went to 9.4 percent. What does that tell you? The stimulus package doesn’t work.

I really don’t care if Obama knows there is a gap between his message and the signing of the $747 billion stimulus bill, the reality is that 16 million people are still unemployed. I really don’t care that the Obama Administration finally realized how bad is the economy. Telling us that we needed this stimulus bill and making foolish predictions on unemployment are bogus. We, the American people, got duped! I don’t want to hear excuses that the Administration used research models that didn’t align with reality. Heck, I probably could have done better with an Ouija board.

I am angry that Obama is making Biden as the chief spokesman for the stimulus plan, sending him cross country drumming up support. So far, Biden went to Pennsylvania, Kansas, and Michigan highlighting the benefits of the plan, even though the plan has not yet made an impact it promised. The best statement the vice-president made is that while the economy is still losing jobs, job losses each month have dropped.

God Bless Joe Biden. May the Lord give Biden a brain!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Obamas World Is Starting to Unravel

Finally, there are more poll numbers on Obama and I can see the messiah has lost his touch with his people. I will accept that his personal approval rating is high because nobody likes to be called a racist, but it is important to note that Obama is not immune to bad poll numbers.

Based on the Scott Rasmussen poll, the only poll that has proven to be accurate, more voters now trust Republican more than Liberal Democrats in handling the economy by a margin 45-39. Obama continues to struggle with a 55% job approval rating. Further polling found Obama getting a 45% approval rating on his handling of federal spending, 46% approval rating on his treatment of the budget deficit, and 42% approval rating on his handling with the GM and Chrysler bankruptcy.

I am so glad to see that the American public is putting Obama responsible for the mess we are in. His continuance of pouring our tax dollars down the drain will cost us dearly down the road. We will eventually have to pay up. Of course Obama can raise taxes, but that will take us back into a recession. Obama could pay more interest to borrow money from countries like China, which has a detriment effect from national security to our moral values. Most likely, Obama will ask the Fed to print more money, which will cause further weakening of our US dollar and cause unsustainable inflation.

The American public has the impression that any blame would rest on Barack Hussein Obama. Don’t let the poll numbers fool you. It will be extremely hard for Obama to coast in the next general presidential election in 2012. He will find it very difficult to rely on a mere image to bolster his presidency. This time around it will be the issues, which will have an important role to play. With unemployment reaching depression level of 10%, and his pushing socialized medicine, I would not be keenly surprise if his poll numbers drop way past into oblivion.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Has Anybody Noticed the Rising Price of Gas at the Pumps

Here we go again! What have you notice lately as you pass by your local gas station? Yes, the price of gas is starting to ascend to nervous territory. It is hard to believe that just four months ago we were seeing $30 a barrel of oil. Now, the price of oil is more than $70.00. At this level, did you know we are in a crisis? Yes, Virginia, the main stream media is not covering this at all and when the media is trying to cover up something, the story is usually paramount. And since we are entering the summer months of school vacations, I am not surprise to see the price of a barrel of oil hit the $90 mark. While the world’s oil is plentiful and the demand for it is weak, why are gas prices going up? Why hasn’t your president address this problem? Why aren’t we drilling?

I blame the damn speculative investors for this artificial folly as they rush into the market and drive the price of oil through the roof. I also put blame on OPEC because they are hoarding supplies hedging that the global economy will recover this year. While these two bozos are timing the market, which is close to impossible, each one of use has to face these ridiculous high gas prices at the gas pump. Our current US oil inventories for this month have reached to their highest level since the early 80's. Let’s not forget that we have close to three billion barrels of oil currently stored in commercial tankers around the world. So, I wouldn’t worry about the US running out of oil. The good news from many experts is that oil is unlikely to hit the $147 a barrel again. Well, at least not for many decades.

But this is not going to help us at the pumps. I am almost certain Obama really doesn’t care how high the price of gas reaches. According to Barack Hussein Obama, he said last year that high gas prices don’t really constitute a problem for Americans. This imposter of a president went on to say he accepts a “gradual adjustment” to the current cost of the price of gas. Of course, the Obama Administration needs tax revenues to offset the trillion-dollar price tag for his socialist healthcare initiative.

I think we need to revive a very popular slogan “Drill here, Drill now, and Pay less at the pump.” I wonder how long the American public will be able to tolerate these high gas prices before they begin to revolt.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Obama Offers Miranda Rights to Terrorist

Today, Obama went over the edge of stupidity. It is reported that the Obama administration has silently mandated that the FBI must start to read the Miranda rights to a suspected terrorist at US military prisons in Afghanistan. This is opening a can of worms. Since the FBI are not soldiers, I am guessing the military will have to do the role of the FBI in the field of battle. If the FBI has to tell each detainee he has the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney, how are we able to waterboard them to get vital intelligence? Worst yet, how are we going to conduct ourselves in the field of battle? Do we shoot them in the leg or arm and tell them they have a right to an attorney?

Why does Obama enjoy making the lives of our miliary soldiers very difficult? First, Obama decides to increase our forces, but significantly cut the military funding. Second, Obama decides to close Guantanamo and use the civil court system to convict these terrorists. And now this! My only concern is what happens if these dangerous detainees get off on a technicality? Well, it does happen a times. Do we set them free?

I don’t understand the rational of this imposter you voted as president. I am just imagining the confusion in the battlefield in Afghanistan. I see an American soldier getting inundated with shrapnel and at the same time this soldier is trying to decide how to delicately give the Miranda right to this terrorist. This must be frustrating to our military. Anytime you put confusion in the equation on the battlefield, there will be chaos that will jeopardize a soldier’s life.

If we treat these terrorist detainees as civil human beings and tell them they have rights, how are we going to be able to be successful to pursue intelligence on the field of battle. This is impeding the militaries’ ability to perform their job. They are not used as police officers. They are there to kill the enemy. There is so much confusion with the CIA, FBI, and the US Military that no is sure what is the criterion that is needed to be implemented.

I wonder how events would have been if the Miranda rights were told to Saddam Hussein or the 9/11 mastermind Khaled Sheikh Mohammad? I shudder at the thought.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Obama is a Weak Toothless Paper Tiger

During the Clinton Administration, we have seen a series of events unfolded that lead to 9/11. Letting history to repeat itself, Obama inept attitude to national security will lead to that 3AM phone call he is trying to avoid.

We saw his lack of decisiveness with the Muslim pirates. I think it took four days to take them out because Obama didn’t know what to do. Then we have seen the apology tour in Europe. Not to be unmatched, Obama had to handle the events with Iran proliferation with nuclear weapon, North Korea testing missiles and a nuclear bomb, and the latest, the Taliban drove a truck with explosives in a luxury hotel in Pakistan.

It seems Obama appeasement to the Muslim nations all over the world now view the USA as a week toothless paper tiger. This attack on a luxury hotel in Pakistan that killed 11 and wounded 70 is a reminder that terrorism still exists. While Obama wants to change the term “the War in Terror”to something less obnoxious, the realization of terror is very apparent. Ironically, this luxury hotel in Pakistan is rumored to be the site of the next US consulate.

What are we to do? Since we are closing Club Gitmo, we are putting those serious offenders in our civil court system to be judged by their peers. That mean they will have the same rights as an American, be provided a legal council, and will have the ability to appeal the court’s decision. So, if we get those Taliban responsible of blowing up this luxury hotel, they can be trialed here in the USA. Since we were able to arrest the lone surviving Muslim pirate that was involved in keeping an American sailor as hostage, that terrorist is being tried in NYC. My problem is that if convicted, these terrorists can use the prison system to get new recruits, indoctrinate their twisted radical Islamic religion, and plot their next terrorist attack in the United States.

This is what we call the second coming of Jimmy Carter.

Sarah Palin Trashes Obama

I don’t understand my many people despise Sarah Palin. I am not taking about the Liberals who are scared of her as a threat. I am talking about the Republicans who seem not to understand her. I have a dear cousin and a couple friends who would debate me and trying to understand why Sarah Palin is my choice.

Well, if the media showed a disdain over the governor of Alaska, then there is a reason why. When I heard that Palin was a journalism major and governs outside the mainstream of Washington, D.C., she caught my attention. When I found out that she has an 85% favorable rating among her constituents then I am hopeful that she practices what she preaches. When I came across that she tackled the corrupt establishment and won, she got my full undivided attention.

There is no charismatic individual who is as conservative than Sarah Palin. Not a Mitt Romney or a Norm Coleman can match wits and pizzaz with Palin. She demonstrated a truly compelling life story from very humble beginnings. And lately, she has been in the spotlight and many people are getting nervous because they can’t stop trashing her. For example, the Liberals and a few Republicans are blaming her that she used Newt Gingrich speech many years ago at an event in Anchorage, Alaska last week. But on the video I saw, Palin did make reference to Newt Gingrich speech and credited him for it. It was a good poignant speech by Newt and Palin wanted to reinforce those values and ideas to the audience, but I digress.

Today, Palin was interviewed by Hannity and she gave ”I told you so” talk. Everything she mentioned during the presidential campaign is now biting everyone in the butt. In regards to the economy, she said, “Well, when you consider that the federal government is about eleven trillion dollars in debt, and we’re borrowing more to spend more. It defies any sensible economic policy that any of us ever learned through college. It defies economy practices and principles that tell you gotta quit digging that hole when you are in that financial hole.”

She continues to say, "America is digging a deeper hole and how are we paying for this government largesse. We’re borrowing. We’re borrowing from China and we consider that now we own 60 percent of GENERAL MOTORS – or the U.S. government does. But who is the U.S. government becoming more indebted to? It’s China. So that leads you to have to ask who is really going to own our car industry than in America . . . I think that more and more constituents are going to open their eyes now and open their ears to hear what is really going on and realize ok . . . maybe we didn’t have a good way of expressing that, or articulating that message of ‘here is what America could potentially become if we grow government to such a degree that we cannot pay for it and we have to borrow money from other countries, some countries that don’t necessarily like America . . . And this many months into the new administration, quite disappointed, quite frustrated with not seeing those actions to rein in spending, slow down the growth of government. Instead, it is the complete opposite. It’s expanding at such a large degree that if Americans aren’t paying attention, unfortunately our country could evolve into something that we do not even recognize.”

Palin boldly speaks out of our direction toward Socialism. Her reference to the Obama doctrine made her say, “Well, that is where we are headed. That is where we have to be blunt enough and candid enough and honest enough with Americans to let them know that if we keep going down these roads … nationalizing many of our services, our projects, our businesses, yes that is where we would head. And that is why Americans have to be paying attention. And we have to have our voices heard. And ultimately it need to be our will, the American people’s will imposed on Washington, instead of the other way around.”

Not to discredit many GOP presidential contenders, Sarah Palin is the voice of the Republican party. She ignites the base as demonstrated last November. She will not pander to her opponents like McCain did with Obama. She is a pit bull with lipstick. Her bold candor is refreshing compare those dull career politicians going to say anything to get reelected. That is why Sarah Palin is my choice in 2012. That is because she talks the talk and walks the walk.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Today Show Mocks Obama and his Teleprompter

It is nice that the news of the day cannot be ignored by the Main Stream Media. Obama’s dependent to his Teleprompter is legendary. Trying to get better ratings and knowing that Obamas appeal is dwindling, “The Today Show” got to put on a humorous piece showing how dependent Obama is with his Teleprompter.

For many months the media has not made fun of this president. I guess they are afraid of being called a racist or insensitive, but when rating are going down the toilet, it’s every man for himself. The popularity of Obama is starting to wear thin and the American people are catching on.

Newsweek Call Obama a god

Do you know what Newsweek editor Evan Thomas said on MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews? Thomas had the audacity to say, “In a way Obama is standing above the country, above the world. He’s sort of GOD. He’s going to bring all different sides together.”

This just shows how the media still has orgasms when they talk about this imposter we call president. It is pathetic. This is why journalism died in 2008. They have lost every sense of credibility when they lied to the American public to put Obama in the Oval Office.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

We have 535 Car Czars in Congress

GM is going into bankruptcy and Obama and his 535 car czars in Congress will dictate how proceeding should be conducted. This is a blatant abuse that has detrimental effects to this economy. It is bad enough that Obama gave $20 billion to GM to get out of their predicament, which was wasted and flushed down the toilet, but for Congress to meddle in the bankruptcy proceeding is a bit of a stretch.

Even though Obama claims to have no vest interest in running GM (Government Motors), he is willing to give 100% warranties on all GM cars back by the Federal Government and put his choice cronies on the board of director. It doesn’t stop there. Congress and their 535 car czar members are going to make GM life a living nightmare. With “not in my backyard mentality,” Congressman Barney Frank (D-Mass) appointed himself as car czar of his district. He intervened to save a GM parts distribution center in Norton, Massachusetts from closing and temporarily saved 70 jobs. This will be interesting when all 535 car czars in Congress will call GM and do the same thing like Barney Frank with the dealerships and warehouses of their respective districts.

I wonder if GM’s restructuring plans will ever go on as planned because of the multitude of cry babies in Washington not wanting to allow a failed automobile business to start from scratch. We are seeing the same crap given to Chrysler President Jim Press at a Senate hearing for his plans to close 3,400 car dealerships. It’s a no win scenario. The government wants so dearly to intervene and decide which dealership will close their doors. Probably, those dealerships heavily supporting a Republican candidate will end up closing their doors. Yes, you heard me right. There is an investigation if Obama had something to do with the plans of the closure of those dealerships that didn’t support his candidacy.

I wish the government get the hell out of the way and allow bankruptcy proceeding to move in a judicious manner. The only way GM can rise from the burning ashes is for the politicians to stop looking for favors so they may look good for their constituents. These idiotic car czars need to show some restraint. They have ruined this economy already.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Obama Jobs Approval Rating at 51 percent

The polls are in from the Rasmussen Reports and it doesn’t look good for Barack Hussein Obama. Even though he is still popular, Obamas leadership as president is dwindling. From a very high approval rating as president before he took office, Obamas numbers plummeted to 51%. That number is down from 55% last month.

We have seen an upswing by 3% to 27% of the American people seeing Obama as a poor leader. While it may look insignificant, other polling results are showing a negative trend. Rasmussen polling showed 58% of Democrats rate Obama as an excellent leader. Whatever happened to Democrats uniting with the president? I was expecting something like 90%. While 47% of Republicans rating Obamas overall job performance as poor, it is worth noting that 43% of independents see Obama performing his job well. In other words, 57% of independents see Obamas jobs approval rating as very poor.

I haven’t heard this from the media outlet and you will never will. You won’t even hear how many US military deaths occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan under Obamas watch. You won’t hear Obama snubbing our allies while embracing dictators. You won’t hear any of this by the media. You will only hear this from conservative sites that report only the truth like this website.

How Can High Unemployment be a Good Thing

Since December 2007, this recession caused six million jobs to be lost, of which three million jobs were lost under Obamas watch. This is significant because three million jobs were lost in the four months Obama took the reign. Today’s economic figures showed fewer jobs lost, but many left leaning Liberals are raising their expectations of an economic recovery taking place later this year. The point is that nothing can sugarcoat reality. Even though many companies are holding back on layoffs, the national jobless rate rose to an unbelievable high of 9.4% with it likely to rise further into 2011.

It doesn’t matter if we worry about this recession. We will eventually bounce back from it, but growth will be anemic. What matters more is to put people back to work. If the government continues to divert money from one part of the economy to create jobs, we will never be able to see health job numbers. I will not buy into the media’s rhetoric saying that the slowing of layoffs is a good sign. A lower job rate loss is not the goal and less bad is not how we are going to measure success. Do not listen to Liberal pundits saying that the economy is getting better. They will say that the number of people drawing unemployment benefits has improved for the first time in 20 weeks and first time claims also dropped. Ironically, what they say is the truth, but what they haven’t told you are that they didn’t include the bankruptcies’ effects of GM and Chrysler. Let’s also add that the unemployment number doesn’t include those individuals who just gave up looking for a job, which are not factored in the equation, If those people were factored in the mix, the true unemployment numbers would be around 16%.

While the media made sure those numbers were always reported when the Bush Administration ran the show, these idiots didn’t want to make the messiah look foolish. That’s why the media tried to pad down the figures and not really focusing on the unemployment numbers. Yes, that is the change you can believe in.