Monday, January 19, 2009

I Am Back and I Am Tired of Obamania

I kept quiet biting my upper lip for several months because I wanted to puke each time that immigrant, who will be president tomorrow, spoke in contradictions. The lunacy that we are in a Depression is unfounded and all eyes to see this poser try to miraculously change the environment and put things back in order is laughable. This is the smuck that allowed the Fannie Mae fail, which allowed a cascade of events that brought us currently here.

All Obama supporters can keep on dreaming. Obama will only serve one term and it will be a failed presidency. I don’t know how spending $1.2 trillion dollars in one year will solve anything. Can someone tell me who is going to pay for this? If we are in a global recession, I would think the American people will be footing the bill. This is going to be a cake walk pointing out all of the mistakes by Obama. I can’t stand the double standard by Liberals and anti-Bush morons who enjoy bashing the outgoing president, but don’t have the balls to criticize the next president, who happens to be “Afro-American.” Well, technically, his mom is white and that does make a difference. Wait! Does that mean Liberal morons will be calling me racist? So, if anybody says anything bad to a man who claims to shadow Abe Lincoln to be a racist, I need to say to stop being so damn hypersensitive and grow some balls because you are acting like a bunch of idiots.

Taking a train to the inauguration, talking in front the Lincoln Memorial, and referencing that a black man can be president is full of crap. If I can recall, anybody can be president. No where have ever been suggested that a black man, Asian, Hispanic, or a woman cannot be president. The notion to any American citizen can be president has been indoctrinated since I was a child and I think that ideology stands true today. Who cares that something historic will occur tomorrow. What I care about is what will happen the day after. Spending is out of control. Unsettled wars are occurring in the Middle East against Israel. Afghanistan and Iraq are teetering toward success or failure. Giving more power to the government to solve all our problems will lead to Socialism.

So, once all celebration settles and reality becomes the norm, all eyes will follow Obama. It will be the Conservatives turn to point out how stupid the American people can be by voting this Kenyan into office. Obama needs to be cautious in wishing to emulate the Abe Lincoln legacy. Remember. Lincoln’s life was not easy.