Sunday, January 18, 2009

Obama Will Be A One Hit Wonder

On the eve of an Obama presidency, I will not stand for the blindness of the American people. To be blinded by the grandeur and spectacle of a historical moment in American history via the Mainstream Media, there is one question no one is willing to ask- “Now What?”

The media can do so much in protecting a sitting duck one term president. No question raised about the significance of inexperience from the commander-in-chief to the choices of cabinet members. No question raised how Obama will have to renege most of his promises from his campaign trail. No question raised how he will implement his policies. No question raised how spending a $150 million inauguration during these trouble times is a good thing.

It’s all nice talk to memorize the simple-minded American people. The Obama cabinet, including himself, all share an inexperience fortitude that will destabilize this nation. The only good is keeping Robert Gates as Secretary of Defense. Probably, Obama had no other choice. So far, Obama picked a cabinet with an interesting past. One to run Homeland Security, who did a terrible job in securing her own state as governor. There is an individual who will be running as Secretary of the Treasury, who scammed the IRS and never paid his taxes. We have an attorney general, who helped a former president pardoned convicted felons. There is a person running for Secretary of State who has no experience in that field excepting knowing the names of foreign dignitaries. We have a vice-president who constantly puts his foot in his mouth. The list keeps growing more and more.

Yeah, I will give Obama being damn lucking to come into office with a Democrat Majority, but that is not an advantage. There will be no bipartisan support in any legislation. Pelosi and Reid made sure of that will never happen. The advantage here goes to the Republicans. Democrats did not get a filibuster proof Majority in the Senate. The only thing Republicans can do and that is not to do anything. Just sit back or take a long vacation. Let the Democrats hang themselves. Remember that the size of the majority helps move legislation, but if you move in a way that’s totally partisan, you’ll end up not getting much done. So basically, Democrats are screwed. LOL. I foresee that four years of single-party government poses political risk to Obama. He won’t have the opportunity to show his “so-called” strength as a trans-partisan figure. It won’t be any good since the Democrats are constantly bickering among themselves. It seems the Blue Dog Democrats are being very resistant to the status-quo Liberals. It seems that the Democrats can’t get their act straight.

This will invoke a scenario that will eventually come into fruition. Obama will not last past one term as president. Mark my words. Putting on a charade labeling himself akin to Abe Lincoln will not change the minds of the American people. Obama is in a position that has vexed him because he doesn’t know which hat to wear. He is trying to play the moderate, but his record showed he is a die-hard liberal. He finally understood the nature of the presidency because he is adopting many of the policies of George W. Bush. That is pissing off many Liberals and Democrats alike. On the other hand, Obama wants to kill this economy with his $1.2 trillion stimulus package. Forget the tax-cut incentives in that bill. It will be drowned out by the massive spending and pork entitlements. This will piss off many Moderates (confused intellects) who wanted to see change. Well, they are going to see it. The market is starting to reflect an Obama presidency. I will wager that after Obama takes over, the market will drop. It will be the same effect when Obama won the presidency back in November.

I really don’t care what pundits say about the 2010 political landscape. All that I know about past elections is that midterm elections are historically unkind to the party in power. When one party control everything and there’s any level of discontent, the gains of the opposing party are exaggerated.