Sunday, January 25, 2009

I Hope Obama Fails Miserably

I agree on everything what Rush Limbaugh says. He is my mentor, my leader against Socialism, and my role model for Conservatism. But there was something he said the other day that I have to disagree. Rush went on television to say that he supports president Obama, but not his policies. It is as ludicrous to say that I support the troops but not the war. As for me, I don’t support this president and hope Obama fails miserably. In comparison, Rush did say he would like to see Obama fail if he instituted his Socialist agenda, but would support him if Obama was more centrist. Yeah right! Obama is a joke. He has no idea what he is doing. Obama is a Liberal with a very Liberal voting record. He promoted it during his campaign. Therefore, supporting Obama is supporting his Liberal views, and to me, that is not kosher. I would only support a president whose views are more Conservative. To test a theoretical policy in Socialism during this troubling times is absolutely crazy.

Shall we examine what occurred in the first week of an Obama Administration?

It started off with a botch inauguration. For someone superstitious, this is a tall tale sign things are going to get ugly. When Congresswoman Feinstein began the ceremony by stating, “ . . . we will begin with the oaf of office,” I knew its going to be a long day. Then the actual swearing in of the new president was botched. I don't care who botched it. It doesn't usually happen. Then there were Reverend Lowery and his racist benediction. Since Obama couldn’t control the mistakes of other people, I thought he would give a grand slam home run speech. Alas, I was wrong. The speech was nice but not what everybody expected. Even the crowd didn’t know when to applaud or cheer. In fact, the speech sucked! I think Obama tried to lower his expectations on purpose because he is way over his head. Obama’s speech was not a grand slam everybody thought, but rather, a bunt single. In addition to all that, I have also learned that the four-piece classical music quartet that played a special composition by John Williams at the inauguration was faked. Yo-Yo Ma, Itzhak Perlman, and others claimed it would be too cold to perform because the anticipated cold weather would affect their instruments adversely. So, they went to the Marine barracks the Sunday before the inauguration and recorded a version of it. And since it was too cold to play on inauguration day, they played the taped version, and pretended to play the real thing. In fact, was there anything real that day? People are telling me I am nuts. I tell them to go and review the tapes. The inauguration was a failure.

Obama has begun to reverse all the executive orders signed by former President George W. Bush. Obama wants to nationalize our economy like the auto industry, mortgage banks, and healthcare. Worst yet, Obama wants to put Barney Frank and Chris Dodd in charge. These two bozos caused the mess we are in. Looking puzzled with all these documents he had to sign, Obama dared to go to the pressroom for an informal surprise visit to the press. Wow, that was a bad move. The press started to ask “real” questions to “the one.” Being panicked stricken, Obama puts his hand on the reporter's shoulder and says, "Nah-nah-nah-nah, there's gonna be a press conference coming up. You're not supposed to do that now."

Then we have Obama’s cabinet nominations. All of them are riddled with conflicting baggage, but will eventually get confirmation. Of course, we cannot forget the $850 billion stimulus welfare check. It is now out that the vast majority of this welfare check won’t get spent after 2011. To continue, Obama is deciding to close Guantanamo Bay, which is a big mistake. He also suspended all tribunal hearing and shut down all CIA secret prisons. That leaves this one thought: “What the hell are we going to do with the prisoners?” The best answer Obama said is that it will be the commander on the ground to decide. Instead of keeping Guantanamo opened, Obama ordered a drone air strike on the Pakistan side of the Pakistan/Afghanistan border. The outcome killed all ten-Muslims terrorists without a chance of capturing and torturing them. This half-ass approach in dealing with terrorism is dangerous and foolish. I am not sure what is the intent of this new president. Is he for or against supporting the war in terrorism? Obama reminds me of Bill Clinton and his national televised Monica Lewinsky affair. If there is a controversy, throw in a distraction. Therefore, many people are catching onto Obama’s Socialist views causing Obama to blame Rush Limbaugh, a private citizen, for his woes. Oh, that makes sense. (Sarcasm)

But hey, what do you expect from someone who hasn’t really accomplished much in his political career. In fact, Obama hasn’t run anything in a long time. I guess that is why Obama is so out of touch with reality. Honestly, Obama doesn’t know what he is doing. He is basing his decisions by poll numbers and that will not protect America. It is just a selfish ego trip which will cost lives. Look what happened during Bill Clinton’s term. Because of his lack of vision, Bill allowed the first World Trade Center to be bombed, US Embassy abroad to be blown up, the Khobar tower to be destroyed, and the USS Cole to be attacked. This will be Obama ultimate challenge and it will be a challenge he will fail miserably.