Sunday, February 1, 2009

Reaganomics is Far Superior to Obamanomic

I can’t stand ignorant people teaching other ignorant people. What is that saying again? It is the blind leading the blind. Well, this so-called leader of the free nation is telling every American citizen that we are doomed and we are not going to get out of this economic turmoil anytime soon. That is a crock of crap! Yes, we are in a recession, but not anywhere close to the Great Depression that this false messiah is preaching. In fact, he is leading us into the Great Depression in the same pathway that FDR did more than 50 years ago. Instead, Obama says that we need to spend more to get out of this mess and fast.

Anyway, this president is lying to the American public with half truths. He is actually trash–talking about the status of this economy. I wonder why? Is it because Obama is trying to downplay the expectation of others because he is an idiot? It is a disservice to the American people, to depress them. I thought Obama was elected for “hope and change.” Well, where is it? This past week Obama stated at a press conference that the GDP shrank by 3.8 in the fourth quarter of 2008. Big deal! He fails to tell the press that the total economy rose 1.3% in 2008. For a recessionary period, that is not bad. Instead of pointing out good news to boost American moral, Obama and his media goons have been telling us that this economy is the worst since the Great Depression. Let me shed some light. If we are going to focus on one particular quarter, why no mention that Reagan inherited a 6.8% GDP slump in the first quarter of 1982 after defeating Jimmy Carter. To my calculation, a GDP of minus 6.8% is far worst than minus 3.8%. We are not in a Great Depression. Stop trash-talking the economy, Obama! Stop using people's emotions to further your political ambitions. Obama is telling you that we are all worse off than we are, for his own personal political gain.

Let me be frank. We are nowhere near as the Great Depression and nowhere as bad as the recession of 1982 when Reagan inherited Jimmy Carter’s recession. But if we allow Obama to take the same path as FDR, we will see those horrible figures not seen more than 30 years. What did Reagan do to turn around Jimmy Carter’s failed economy? REAGAN CUT TAXES! Tax cut has been proven time and time again that it is the surest and quickest way to create permanent jobs. Government spending does not lead to a permanent fix. The private sectors create jobs to stimulate and grow the economy. We have seen JFK, Reagan, and George W. Bush used this ideology with success. Why change something that gives positive results. Let’s follow the example of Reagan. He was able to cut taxes, reduce the deficit, and did it without inflation. Therefore, supply-side Reaganomics does work.

The success of Reagan in giving a prosperous economic growth led Bill Clinton to take all the credit in the 90's. Clinton lied, what else is new, saying that the 80's were the worst economic times in the last 50 years. And guess what Clinton did? He raised taxes and cut the military. This so-called surplus that Liberals always brag about is nothing more than the government hold on to our money. Yes, that surplus took us into a recession. Like the old adage goes, surplus lead to recession, while deficits promote growth. Let me put a disclaimer that too much deficit is always bad.

It just irks me that Democrats are blaming Republicans of not being bipartisan. Do you know what bipartisan means? It means Republican caving into the idiotic ideology of Democrats. So what! Let the Republicans stand ground and oppose Socialism. Let the blame rest on the shoulder of the Democrat party. They created it; so let them hang themselves. In fact, let the Democrat party hang with Obama. It is incredulous to allow the president of the United States is trash-talking the United States economy for his own benefit and for the benefit of the Democratic party. We don't have to trash talk the economy. We don't have to depress the hopes and the dreams of the American people. We don’t need to follow a man who the press proclaims to be the second-coming. Call your Congressman and Senators. Do not allow this idiot to get a hold of this trillion-dollar welfare check. If 65% of the American people are sketched out about this pork spending bill, be very wary about big government intruding into your life.