Sunday, March 15, 2009

Chief Justice Roberts Agree to Hear Obamas Eligibility to be President

Yes, I am one of many who believes that Obama is not a natural born citizen. In fact, I truly believe he is born in Kenya. For many months, there have been various lawsuits involving Obama to provide proof of eligibility for President of the United States. Now, the time has come. In one particular lawsuit, Attorney Orly Taitz confronted Chief Justice John Roberts at a lecture at the University of Idaho and had the Chief Justice to agree before a packed house that he would read and review the briefs and petition to the case on Obama qualifications to be president.

But with all great conspiracy, there have been shenanigans within the US Supreme Court. Taitz protested that a clerk refused to forward a supplemental brief to Chief Justice Roberts. This clerk purposely has hidden this brief from being reviewed. In face, this clerk refused to put it on the docket. Taitz said that his case was erased from the docket one day after the Inauguration, two days before his case was to be heard.

There have been issues of Obama’s eligibility raised before the Supreme Court at least four times but has yet been given a hearing. It requires four justices to agree in conferences before the case could be heard. With Justice Antonin Scalia and Chief Justice Roberts showing interest to review the case, there is hope that the other two conservative Justices (Alito, Thomas) would join and end this charade Obama is playing.

The question remains: Where is the proof Barack Obama was born in the United States or that he fulfills the "natural-born American" clause in the Constitution? This fiasco would have ended if Obama allowed the Hawaiian government to reveal a seal envelope containing his birth certificate. The one that was on Obama’s website was forged. Here is the website showing damning evidence that the document that was presented for public view via the internet was a forgery: