Monday, March 30, 2009

Hillary to North Korea: Please Call Us!

Obama is not the only fool to believe they are experts on foreign policy. We have Hillary Clinton on record with Greta Van Susteren saying the most outlandish statement on television. While I thought Obama’s policy on Afghanistan with troop build-up and at the same time cut the defense budget was stupid, Hillary did something to top it. While she traveled to every country and apologies for Bush’s blunder, it was more embarrassing to watch her make a complete fool of herself to the American people on television.

This past week "On the Record with Greta Van Susteren," Greta asked Hillary, "What are we going to do about North Korea?" Hillary said, ". . . If they're watching, if anybody from North Korea is watching this, eh, program, you -- with you, Greta . . . You know, we'd love for them to, uh, begin to talk about what we can do together to fulfill the framework of the Six-Party Talks."

Hillary Clinton is pathetic. Here is the secretary of state on the Fox News Channel saying, "If anybody is watching in North Korea, would you please call us?" This is the same secretary of state who went to Mexico and said that America has a lot to learn from Mexico about their environmental progress and their public-private sector partnership. What? Well, it seems she has no idea what the heck she is talking about. Like other authoritarian countries, the private sector has no choice but succumb to the government.

So, I think I can sum up the Obama foreign policy. It is blame America first. It is Obamas vision to make up policies that will not advance America’s interest, He rather appease the world, including those who hate our guts, than to make America great. I call it incompetence!