Thursday, March 19, 2009

Obama Trusty Teleprompter Failed Him

On St. Patrick’s Day at the White House, Obama made a fool of himself and the culprit was his trusty Teleprompter. This was a party and Obama needs a Teleprompter? I can’t believe how this president is so dependent on it. Can someone remove Obama’s training wheels? Beside addressing the nation or other significant events, the overuse of a Teleprompter indicates that the quality of a speech is more important than the substance of the speech.

Well, Obama got his just deserves when the Prime Minister of Ireland read the Teleprompter and was reading Obama’s speech. Addressing the mistake, the Prime Minister said to Obama, “That’s your speech.” Making light of the mistake, Obama laughed and went to the podium and read the speech off the Teleprompter. What Obama didn’t know is that the correct speech for the Prime Minister was put in place. To show how Obama was oblivious, he read the Prime Minister speech and realized the mistake when he thanked himself for inviting everyone over.

Not only was it embarrassing, it was rather humorous to see how inexperience can rattle ones self esteem.