Sunday, April 12, 2009

American Captain Released Pirates Dead

With the navy seal finally rescuing the American captain from those Muslim Somali pirates, that five-day ordeal could have warded off another American vessel from being hijacked. Obama ineptness leads miscue after miscue. From the embarrassment in his European tour, Obama did not get the okay for other nations to put their own troops in the Afghanistan theater, nor did he get other nations to spend their way out of a global recession. It seems that to make up the lack there of, Obama made the trip as photo-op and the opportunity to apologies the arrogance of America. In other words, Obama belittled himself to the European counterparts for a favor.

This shows the inexperience of Obama to be a world leader. Rather, he wants to be a follower. Therefore, he is trying to avoid complete accountability. But his lack of leadership is putting this nation in disarray.

Obama poor decisions lead to announcing the closure of Guantanamo (Club Gitmo) and not prosecuting those terrorists, who bombed the USS Cole. His views on terrorism are of a police matter. Therefore, he closed all oversea CIA interrogation centers and leaves the problem to the local authority. It's already public knowledge that Yemen will be send back the 100 Yemenis from Guantanamo and release them to their homes when the prison shuts down.

Obama lack of foresight leads him to appoint an attorney general who is opposed to enhanced interrogation techniques. Also, Obama is the very first president to grant his first exclusive interview as commander-in-chief with Al Arabiya. Let's not forget that Obamas first phone call to a foreign leader was Mahmoud Abbas, who is the leader of the Fatah Party and president of the Palestinian Authority.

With the good news of today will not overcome the problems Obama has done. The world sees America as a paper tiger that is scared of its own shadow. With North Korea and Iran reemerging as a problem child, Russia and China is beginning to show their muscle. Who said foreign policy was a cake walk? Is this what Hillary Clinton meant by saying Obama is not ready to answer the 3AM phone call?