Thursday, April 9, 2009

First Terrorist Test for Barack Obama

We are witnessing the first terrorist crisis for Barack Obama. It is not in a grand scale like President Bush had with 9/11, but since higher forces wanted to be kind to this inexperience leader, Barack got a crisis that he doesn’t want to waste. This hijack of an American cargo ship by Muslim Somali pirates in the Indian Ocean is a crisis that can make or break Barack Obama.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton giggled at a press conference and made light of this pirate hijacking. We had already seen Barack Obama giggled regarding the horrid economy. So, far this Democrat Administration has shown nothing to solve the crisis that has occurred around the world. Whoever said that we are safer now under Obama than President Bush is bunch of idiots. This crisis overseas is a good benchmark to measure and test the meddle of Barack Obama. I can so as far to say Hillary Clinton is a joke as Secretary of State. Hillary wants the FBI and the world nations to get involved to stop piracy. So far, they tried to exchange hostages between the American captain of the vessel and a Somali terrorist that we captured, but we were duped. We released the Somali terrorist and they still kept the captain. So far, this type of diplomacy sucks. It is time for real action.

This is not the role of the FBI, but rather, it is the job of the military to enforce their power and end this. That is why we have a navy. Thomas Jefferson gave birth to a powerful American Navy and Marines. At that time, their job was to protect the merchant ships and provide safe passage in the Indian Ocean. I rather see the navy bomb these pirate ships and their small inflatable boat. Appeasement will never work. Giving monetary tribute to these Muslim Somalis will not stop the crisis. It will encourage future attacks because we are promoting bad behavior. Thomas Jefferson saw this more than 200 years ago. I don’t know why Obama is ignoring history. It is so obvious.

This pirate’s crisis is not the only crisis Obama has to address. Obama has to address the computer hack in the nation’s electrical grid done by the Russians and/or Chinese, North Korea rocket launch, and Iran’s nuclear ambition. If Obama is going to do nothing and have a “wait and see” attitude, he will be responsible for any future attacks to this country and special interest abroad. Obama owns this crisis. How would he do?