Thursday, April 9, 2009

Obama Bows to Saudi Royal

I wrote the other day “Obama’s snub to Soldiers” and said that Obama is anti-American. I am going one step further and say he is a Muslim. He is not only our first black president, but also, a Muslim born president. From being apologetic for America’s disrespect to the Muslim world, this president did something no other president in this current history has ever done. Obama bowed and kissed the robe of the Saudi royal.

Obama didn’t bow to the Queen of England. At least, Michelle tried to do the unthinkable and broke protocol and side-hug the Queen. If Barack Obama didn’t bow to the English crown, why would Obama embarrass himself by kissing the robe of a person who has funded terrorism. Not only this is unfounded, but it is considered treasonous.

I am guessing Barack Obama is thanking the Saudi royal for the untraced contributions to his presidential campaign. I have notice that no other network has covered this extraordinary display of embarrassment, but the networks repeated reported the holding of hands between President Bush and King Abdullah. This selective type of journalism is the reason why this country is going down the toilet.