Friday, April 10, 2009

Obama Calls Pizza Boy From Missouri to Come Over and Make Pizza

While there is turmoil with real live Muslim pirates and a hostage, Obama decided to have a small party at the White House. Because one can do anything as president of the United States, Obama flies a pizza chef 860 miles from Missouri to make a pizza dinner.

Yes, you heard me correct. This president has used our tax payer’s money to fly a pizza boy to make pizza for the president and his guest. I would think it is extremely pretentious. Imagine this. An Obama Aide calls a Missouri pizzeria and tells them the president of the United States wants their delicious pizza. Then this pizza boy pack his suitcase with dough, various cheeses, and pans and fly to Washington, D.C. You can’t make this stuff up. During an international crisis, Obama calls out for pizza.

I can imagine if President Bush or any Republican doing this outrageous act. The media wouldn’t let that story slide. But since it is Obama, you will not hear a thing about it.