Sunday, April 26, 2009

Obama First 100 Days

It will soon mark the 100 days of an Obama Administration and he is doing a lousy job. This Teleprompter fool is only interested about himself and his legacy. Obamas big mistake is that he neglects the best interest of the American people.

Obama started his first 100 days by pushing record spending and massive tax hikes, and ends by putting America in jeopardy by releasing interrogation memos and supports prosecuting former President Bush and his Administration. By doing it his way, Obama is breaking the boundary of ground rules to preserve his meaningless legacy. It is unheard of to attack a former sitting president. It has never been done before.

This fool-hearty president is wrong in every decision. Economists are supporting that this economy will sink further under Obamas vast deficits and higher taxes. It is determined that it is impossible to tax the very rich to erase the deficit and support these wasteful proposed entitlement programs. Due to the so-called “inherited” economic meltdown, Obama claims the$10 trillion in deficits would help bring down the national debt by the end of his 1st and last term. In addition, Obama is going to cut $100 million from the Federal government to show his seriousness. I call it laughable.

It is even hard for me to discuss his knowledge on national security. Obama signed an executive order to close Guantanamo. He changed the term “war on terror,” and substituted “overseas contingencies operation.” He went to Europe asking to send troops to Afghanistan, but was turned down. Obama is willing to send 21,000 additional American troops to Afghanistan and at the same time, Obama is planning to cut the military budget. But the most idiotic maneuver Obama is leaning toward being the probable prosecution and a congressional witch hunt responsible in the creation and implementation of the CIA interrogation techniques.

Then again, if our nation is attacked on his watch after more than seven years of safety, the blame can’t be pushed off to anyone except for Barack Hussein Obama.