Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Obama Foreign Policy Doctrine

The world despises America because they envy our success. Whether the world thinks we are a country gluttony of pride and greed, we do our best to take care of our fellow man around the world. These enemies will never understand us because of ignorance. With no such deliberate provocation of our own, these enemies continue to attack us directly and indirectly.

So, what do you think Obama will do? At a speech in Trinidad, president Obama said that reaching out to our enemies will strengthen America. This is the Obama foreign policy doctrine. He demonstrates this by shaking hands and accepting gift from legendary dictator Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and gives a hug to Cuban leader Raul Castro.

Obama has a skill of diversions and manipulating his sentence by stating the obvious and gives a politically expedient answer. Take this example.

Here is Obama giving the obvious. Obama said, “The whole notion was that if we showed courtesy or opened up dialogue with governments that had previously been hostile to us, that somehow would be a sign of weakness . . . The American people didn't buy it, and there's a good reason the American people didn't buy it - because it doesn't make sense."

To answer as a typical politician, Obama stated that he will proceed a go-it-slow caution and make it clear the expectations for the enemies of the U.S. In referencing to Cuba, Obama said that the Cuba embargo for the last 50 years hasn’t worked and wants to change gradually with certain conditions like release political prisoners and embrace democracy.

But then, Obama contradicts himself by stating his foreign policy doctrine. He said, "If we are practicing what we preach, and if we occasionally confess to having strayed from our values and our ideals, that strengthens our hand. That allows us to speak with greater moral force and clarity around these issues . . . We're not simply going to lecture you, but we're rather going to show through how we operate the benefits of these values and ideals."

Obama is directly talking to dictators who embrace Socialism and Communism. This is no different what Obama is indoctrinating in this country. If Obama will not lecture his beliefs, but rather, show examples, what new Socialist values and ideals can Obama bestow to these dictators that they didn’t know.