Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Obama Honors Mohammed Grandson but Spits on Teddy Roosevelts Son


I’m outrage by the disrespect and audacity of president Obama. His abroad appeal to the European nation may excite Muslims, but the American citizens of the United States, who put this idiot into office, is disgusted. It is fine to visit a mosque in Turkey. It is fine for Obama to remove his shoes before entering the mosque. I am okay if the president of the United States pay homage to the grandson of the prophet Mohammed, whose name is also Hussein. I am NOT okay for this president to spit on the dead Americans who sacrifice their blood on Normandy. Why would Obama do it? Probably, he did not want to offend Germany? Obama said it would be logistically impossible to visit the site. Isn’t that the same excuse given during his presidential campaign when he refused to go and meet with wounded soldiers at a military hospital in Germany?

This president is anti-American. I will back my claim with vengeance. His apologetic speech in this European tour calling American as arrogant is wrong. Didn’t we liberate France? Didn’t we send thousands of troops overseas to battle World War II? Didn’t we suffer when more than 9,000 American soldiers died in Normandy? Didn’t we send billions of dollars overseas to tackle AIDS? Is that what we call arrogant? This president is willing to dismantle our military technology and outsourced our problems to a corrupt United Nations. This president went on to apologies to the Muslim World of our misdeeds and will try to rebuild respect. I just don’t get it. When 9/11 occurred, President Bush made sure that any retaliation to Muslims will not be tolerated. I guess many forgot that. We have a good relationship between Muslims and Christians/Jewish Americans here in this country. To stir chaos and controversy is a favorite tactic by this naive president. The White House Chief of Staff even said that we should not let a good crisis go to waste.

Let the facts remain. Obama went to honor the grandson of the prophet Mohammed, but dishonor a great former US President Teddy Roosevelt’s son, who died on the beaches of Normandy with his brothers. If the problem was due to logistical issues, couldn’t Obama make a special trip? He is the president, messiah, rock star, and a cult figure wrapped up all in one.