Friday, April 17, 2009

Obama Leaks Torture Memo

This current Muslim president needs to be impeached. The audacity for Obama to release our classified interrogation technique to the public has made our enemies aware of what to expect if they get caught. By prepping the enemy, they could be able to prepare themselves and counter any torture measures.

What is there to gain by making this memo public? Obama has just weaken this nation for another attack. With appeasing the world that America is arrogant and stubborn and lying to the world we are at fault, I believe this president won’t do anything if we were attacked. Obama has spent like a drunken sailor on every program, but refused to spend a single dime on national security. We have already seen Obama mandate Defense Secretary Robert Gibbs to halt any new defense technology. With North Korea launching a missile, I think it’s bad timing to cut programs that protect this nation.

Not to digress, this president is giving every opportunity for this nation to fail. I blame Obamas stupid ideology from his upbringing. With a mom globetrotting around the world, and two estranged dads, I can understand why Obama became a narcosis and someone looking for acceptance. Obama reminds me of a kid always being picked on at school and wanting revenge on the popular kids. It’s like the Columbine High School Massacre. Because of Obamas abused childhood, he wants to punish America for his suffering.

Need I remind everybody that these torture technique saved us from future attacks? Please stop with the rhetoric that such torture techniques don’t work and those who are subjected to them will simply give false information to end the ordeal. Well, that is a bold face lie. Such technique helped us quell many potential attacks. What Liberals forget to tell you is that we aren’t forcing a confession. We are interested in intelligence gathering. We interrogate these prisoners by using obvious approaches in asking questions whose correct answer is already known and only when truthful information is provided we can verify it from other prisoners. Besides, these torture techniques are monitored by a medical staff. In fact, we actually torture our military men and women at a military “Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape” training course. In other words, we tortured these terrorist as much we torture our own service military personnel.

I am so angry that Liberals and uninformed Americans believe these torture technique is wrong. So, I’m going to assume that the beheading of Daniel Pearl by Islamic Radical is okay? This is not a popularity contest to appease other nations. There are bad people in the world who wishes us harm no matter who is President. We either allow the CIA and the military to perform their duties or succumb to the whining Liberals. There will be a day when the threat is real and we will be caught with our pants down.