Saturday, April 11, 2009

Obama Wait and See Mentality Allowed Another American Vessel to be Hijacked

This “no action’ of the Obama Administration to allow this blunder to rescue an American hostage allowed the Muslim Somali pirates to cause another stir. While an American captain of a cargo ship still being kept hostage by 4 Muslim Somali pirates on a lifeboat guarded by two US warships, pirates were successful to hijack another US vessel. While the attention was place on the lifeboat, Muslim Somali pirates hijacked an American-owned tugboat with a crew of 16.

This is an embarrassment. There are two powerful warships surrounding a small lifeboat with no running engine. It is stuck there. Their bargaining chip is the American hostage. There is nowhere to run. Any pirates coming to the aid to the lifeboat will get shot. So, what is the problem? Four days stand still and no improvement to the matter. They need the okay by Obama to go in and settle the matter, but the president is cowering under his desk with no clue what to do.

This delay is telling the world that the US will negotiate it way out of a problem. Whether it is big or small, the mature way is to sit down and reason with terrorists. That is the Obama policy to heal the world from an arrogant USA. Well, this indecision has cost another mishaps that lead to another hijacking on the sea. Reports indicated that an Italian-flagged US tugboat was towing two barges when it was attacked.

As we keep waiting for some divine intervention to appear, the military can do something. It is not that complicated if you think about it really hard. Wouldn’t it be easier to send some Navy Seals at the black of night and shot these terrorists? How about sinking the life boat or turning it over? I really don’t think the terrorist would be worried about the American hostage. It would every man for themselves.

This display of lunacy is making us the laughing stock of every neighboring nation. The joke would be “How many US warships do it take to take on one small life boat?” Not to make light of the matter, imagine if the United States was attacked by a successful terrorist plot. How would this president react? So far, Obamas cowardliness is a tall tale sign that he is not ready to lead this country.