Sunday, May 31, 2009

Doctor Who Does Late Term Abortion Shot Dead

I am pro-life and for Liberals pushing me to answer their stupid question about the heinous death of Dr. George Tiller, a physician who performs late-term abortions, let me say this, "What goes around, comes around!"
I don’t see why Liberals, including the drive-by media, politicize an incident that is no different from any other defenseless death. Why should I lower myself and feed fuel to the fire? Ironically, late term abortions or partial birth abortion was deemed illegal in 2003 and the Supreme Court upheld that law back in 2007.

I cannot comment if the Tiller’s facility, which is one of three in the nation where partial birth abortion is routinely done, still does the procedure, but if so, the late Dr. George Tiller has committed a crime. By providing an abortion after the 21st week of pregnancy, this doctor is negligent in killing a living being. What would you call a living being with a functioning brain and heart inside of the mother’s womb and technically kill this innocent soul before it comes out in order that this baby can’t be determined to be a person? I call it murder.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


When vice-president Joe Biden stated that within six months of an Obama presidency, we will see an international crisis. And you know what, he was right. It doesn’t matter if CNN down plays the North Korea launching of short range ballistic missiles. The fact is that North Korea is testing Barack Hussein Obama mettle. We are perceived by the world as a toothless paper tiger. Since opening Pandora’s box as Obama went on a worldwide apology for the arrogance of the United States, the president hasn’t done anything, but talk rhetoric hoping the current event’s fade away.

I hate to tell the president this, but he needs to lead! North Korea tested a nuclear bomb that is as strong as the bomb we used in Nagasaki, Japan in World War II. They have launched a ballistic missile off the coast of Japan. They have tested short range missiles early this morning. The only statement coming from Obama’s attack dogs is that North Korea doesn’t have the technology to put a nuclear device on a missile. Well, if the North Koreans are able to produce the materials, then it would be appropriate to say they have the intelligence to put it all together.

I am reading throughout the blogosphere that Obama was handcuffed and at wits end. He doesn’t know how to approach this. This is the 3AM phone call Hillary Clinton was talking about during the presidential primaries. This turn of events is the defining moment of Obamas national security policy.

This is of serious matters. Forget the Supreme Court nomination because no smokescreen will trump North Korea intent of causing mischief around the world. North Korea is continuing to develop nuclear weapons. They have showcased to rogue nations that they have the technology and ready to sell it to the highest bidder. They have threatened to strike South Korea. They have threatened to shoot at US military ships if they intercept North Korean ships for an impromptu inspection for WMD. North Korean scientists were responsible in making a nuclear facility in Syria, which was bombed by Israel. Making matters worst, North Korea declared to rescind the cease fire agreement of the Korean Conflict.

If these actions don’t deem a necessary response, I am afraid that other enemies of this state will follow suit. Obama promises when he entered office that he would open dialogue with North Korea and Iran. Well, we know appeasement doesn’t work. If we put down our gloves, they will hit us. Forget the moral issue if the other party doesn’t have any morals. We need to strike and tell the world we mean business. If Joe Biden had correctly guessed on the time line of this international crisis, I would recommend to waterboard our current vice-president to see what else he knows.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

I Hope Obamas Nomination Pick to the Supreme Court is Pro-Life

Barack Obama named liberal judge Sonia Sotomayor as his nomination pick to the Supreme Court. Even though it will be a mute issue of swapping a liberal for a liberal, there is one area that I keenly hoping for a small miracle and that is the abortion issue I already know how Sonia Sotomayor will legislate from the bench. She has already been on record stating so. She believes in making policy or making laws up as she deems fit and that her Hispanic ethnicity will provide better judgment than the white man.

Some friends asked me how I felt about Obama’s pick and I said, “Is she Catholic?” I got many dumbfounded looks from my co-workers. Already done my research and predetermined that Obama would pick the first Hispanic female to the bench, I knew she had one case on record dealing against abortion rights.

I told my fellow co-workers that in 2002, she wrote an opinion upholding the Bush Administration “Mexico City” policy of withholding federal funds for international groups that perform abortions. That case was Center for Reproductive Law and Policy vs. Bush. As a federal judge on the US court of Appeals for the Second Circuit and also a Catholic, she stated that the Bush anti-abortion policy didn’t constitute a violation of equal protection. She said, “the government is free to favor the anti-abortion position over the pro-choice position, and can do so with public funds.”

I know it is only one case and no one can clearly say how she will dictate herself on the Supreme Court, but I can only hope she can empathize her Catholic values and do what is right against abortion. I hear many liberal organizations like Planned Parenthood and other pro-choice groups are in full support of her nomination. I am hoping she will surprise many by being less of a hard leaning liberal and more of a centrist moderate, who favors pro-life. I can only pick my battles and I am trying to find something positive to hold on to with this liberal nominee so close to the highest court of the land.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Obama Says We Ran Out of Money

While national security has gone haywire between Pelosi lying about waterboarding to North Korea testing a nuclear bomb, Barack Hussein Obama went on C-SPAN and confidently told the American people “We are out of money.”

At the C-SPAN interview Obama said,

“Well, we are out of money now. We are operating in deep deficits, not caused by any decisions we've made on health care so far. This is a consequence of the crisis that we've seen and in fact our failure to make some good decisions on health care over the last several decades.

So we've got a short-term problem, which is we had to spend a lot of money to salvage our financial system, we had to deal with the auto companies, a huge recession which drains tax revenue at the same time it's putting more pressure on governments to provide unemployment insurance or make sure that food stamps are available for people who have been laid off.

So we have a short-term problem and we also have a long-term problem. The short-term problem is dwarfed by the long-term problem. And the long-term problem is Medicaid and Medicare. If we don't reduce long-term health care inflation substantially, we can't get control of the deficit.

So, one option is just to do nothing. We say, well, it's too expensive for us to make some short-term investments in health care. We can't afford it. We've got this big deficit. Let's just keep the health care system that we've got now.

Along that trajectory, we will see health care cost as an overall share of our federal spending grow and grow and grow and grow until essentially it consumes everything . . . “

This annoys me to no end. We are out of money and Obama says it’s not caused by any decisions he made on health care. Well, I’m glad for that. If it was true, we would be in a bigger mess. Obamas long term goals to solve Medicare and Medicaid is a smoke screen. No president was able to fix it and this president will fail too. I’m glad to see Obama admits there are problems in healthcare and the need to fix it is dire. Instead of spending our money wisely, Obama intends to fix healthcare by rationing services via nationalizing the industry. The Obama economy is unsustainable. He has already wasted billions of dollars of our money to bail out the auto industry, which is going into bankruptcy. This truly shows the experience of Barack Obama. I don’t need a celebrity messiah-like rock star. I need a president who can lead.

Our American Moral Value is to Stop Terrorism

The Liberal Democrats are always wrong. Thinking that the American values should be held to higher standards is fabulous, but when it comes from the mouth from a corrupt and unethical Democrat Majority, why take it seriously? I despise anyone making claims that America does not torture, but these are the same people who think abortion as okay. If we capture these terrorists, what procedures are needed to extract information that would save many innocent lives.

Former vice-president Dick Cheney said it eloquently:

“Critics of our policies are given to lecturing on the theme of being consistent with American values, but no moral value held dear by the American people obliges public servants to sacrifice innocent lives to spare a captured terrorist from unpleasant things -- and when an entire population is targeted by a terror network, nothing is more consistent with American values than to stop them.”

So, if any Liberal rants that we are wrong in torturing and not providing due process to these terrorists, I would ask these Liberals, “whose side are you on?”

Obama Now Knows the Difference Between Memorial Day and Veterans Day

It is funny to see that through mistakes made, lessons are learned. This is how one gain experience. I watched Obama during a Memorial Day ceremony at Arlington Cemetery corrected the mistakes of his past. He now knows the difference between Memorial Day and Veterans Day and Obama place his right hand over his heart during the appropriate time when offering respect. Beside showing respect to the American flag, I was pleased to see Obama show that sign of respect during the play of “Taps.” With the gaffes and missteps Obama has shown with regularity, I am glad to see that he didn’t dishonor this special day.

Remember this:

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cheney Embarrasses Obama

This week we have witnessed a duel that has outmatched Ali/Frazier, Pacquiao/De La Hoya, and Hulk Hogan/Andre the Giant all wrapped up in one. It was a great theater to see two views one on top of the other between Dick Cheney and Barack Hussein Obama. I was genuinely pleased to see the former vice-president lash out and made chump meat of the current commander-in-chief.

How can anyone challenge the experience of Dick Cheney, who once served as former White House Chief of Staff, Congressman of Wyoming, and Secretary of Defense under George H. W. Bush? Beside being a weak community organizer, what accolades can one conjure on Obama? I would guess not much. This is the fool General Colin Powell once exhaled as the best qualified man for this job. I must roll my eyes and laugh.

It must embarrass the media coming to the rescue of the messiah. Obama has his ass served on a sliver platter. It was an endless display of rhetoric coming from the mouth of the messiah. “The One” gave platitudes with nothing of substance. Obama didn’t provide solutions we desired. Rather, he went on and gave“sweet nothings” to satisfy Soros and his Liberal goons.

Obama wanted to transfer 240-some detainees from Guantanamo to a maximum secure prison in the United States. Also, Obama wants prolonged detention for terrorist suspects who can’t be tried. Then why do all that and waste millions of dollars of tax payers money when we have a perfect escape-proof prison in Guantanamo? Obama says nobody has ever escaped from one of our federal “supermax” prisons in the US, but I don’t see a guarantee on it. Besides, these terrorists will have other means to communicate to the outside world via lawyers and religious imams. Why risk that?

It is bad enough that Obama hates America, but to continue to demonize the Bush Administration and blaming the American people for the terrorist hatred for us is purely STUPID! This is the Liberal rhetoric that I have to endure at work. I would love to slap some sense to some of my fellow co-workers. I would love to say that Liberals never embrace America, but tolerate it. I would accept their definition of conservatism as right-wing extremist if they denounce terrorism as a man-made disaster.

Obama said, “I believe with every fiber of my being that in the long run we cannot also keep this country safe unless we enlist the power of our most fundamental values.” This is the same person who went to the CIA employees after the interrogation memo was leaked to say, “I’m sure that sometimes it seems as if that means we’re operating with one hand tied behind our back, or that those who would argue for a higher standard are naive. I understand that.” Well, if Obama knew it, then why does he makes it difficult and handcuffs our CIA.

Listen very closely. Under Obama watch and his wishy-washy views on national security, we have seen Iran, within months to make a nuclear bomb, buying stuff to create a long range missile, Russia successful tests an intercontinental ballistic missile, and North Korea have tested long range missiles for their nuclear bomb. Yes, I feel safe knowing Obama is watching out for us (sarcasm).

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Demcorats in Congress are More Corrupt than Republicans

I had a big discussion with a Liberal who went on a rant that Republicans in this current Congress is the most corrupt bunch. I was bewildered by that accusation and I went home and did some research.

And this is what I found.

On the “Citizen For Ethics” website,, it compiles a list of current House and Senate members under investigation.

It stands Democrats 12 and Republicans 4. That is significant.

The Democrats in the House of Representatives under investigation are Sanford Bishop of Georgia, Jesse Jackson of Illinois, Allan Mollohan of West Virginia, John Murtha of Pennsylvania, Charlie Rangel of New York, Linda Sanchez of California, Loretta Sanchez of California, and Pete Visclosky of Indiana.

The Democrats in the Senate under investigation are Roland Burris of Illinois, Kent Conrad of North Dakota, and Bob Menendez of New Jersey.

While there is no Republican Senators under investigation, there are only four members of the House of Representatives who are under review by the Justice Department. They are Jerry Lewis of California, Garry Miller of California, Tim Murphy of Pennsylvania, and Don Young of Alaska.

So, to my Liberal friend, before you open your big mouth and stereotype Republicans as corrupt, I highly recommend researching your argument before trying it out with a staunch conservative. Not only you look foolish as an Obama supporter, but the idea that Democrats cannot do any wrong is idiotic. Have you seen what Biden, Pelosi, and Reid have done in the past week? It makes me cringe knowing that they are “leaders” of the Democrat party. It is a sad day in America.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Senator Reids Joe Biden Moment

From the gaffes of Joe Bidens secret bunker remarks, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid joins Nancy Pelosi as the two most powerful dimwits on Capitol Hill. Reid got in trouble with his assumptive rhetoric by botching statements after statements in one news conference.

With a bold confidence, Reid stated that Senator Ted Kennedy is in remission from brain cancer. Then he went to say that Senator Robert Byrd will be release from the hospital for the treatment of an infection this week. Both statements are pure assumptions with no credible support from the offices of Senator Kennedy and Byrd. Even the doctors of these Senators didn’t support Reid’s medical assessment.

But the “piece de resistance” has to be Reid’s mangled statement stating that Senate Democrats would join the House of Representatives in withholding money needed to close Guantanamo until Obama comes up with a plan to relocate the prisoners. Then Reid said, "We will never allow terrorists to be released into the United States." Well, I hope the Administration had no intentions of releasing these terrorists inside the United States. I will accept keeping them in prison, but no releasing them in the general population. I would think that would be stupid.

It is very interesting how the Democrats react when they are cornered by the press. They finally see how the Republicans felt for the past decade. During today’s press conference, Senator Dick Durbin had to correct some of the gaffes of Senator Reid. It was as pathetic as watching Pelosi try to wiggle out of her lies about advance interrogation techniques.

Well, it is the time for both Pelosi and Reid to step down from their leadership position. It is very sad to see their power diminished (sarcasm). Senator Reid is on an upward battle to keep his Senate seat as a survey from Nevada showed a good majority of Nevadans wanted to see Reid replaced with another candidate and vote him out of office.

Either way, Reid’s days are numbered, which gives a little sigh of relief for the GOP. I think I see the tides turning in favor for the Republican party.

Monday, May 18, 2009

This Biden Gaffe is Over the Top

Here we go again! VP Joe Biden reveals classified information to the general public of the secret location for the vice president if there was eminent danger upon the United States. At a Gridiron Club dinner in Washington, Biden blabbed at the dinner table of the secret bunker under the old U.S. Naval Observatory, which is used as the home of the vice president if America is under an eminent threat.

And in true gaffe-prone Biden fashion, he issued a press statement denying the bunker report. If the enemy ever kidnaps the vice-president, I can see no form of waterboarding or pulling finger nails being used for interrogation. Just let Biden speak and every secret held as classified will flow like flowers from his mouth. There is no need to pressure the man. Biden loves to talk to anybody who would listen to him. Ironically, for the sake of this country, Biden is a high security risk and needs to be in constant lock down.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Obamas Running Debt is Unsustainable and He Admits It

Obama is one idiotic community organizer who thinks he can run the country with no experience as president. I have to be a nut not to believe when Obama admitted that the debt he gave to us is unsustainable. He admits we cannot survive borrowing money from China to keep this country afloat.

This is Obamas way of clearing the obvious problem by discussing it out loud. Whether we understand, his convoluted stupidity is not of his concern. He is counting on his charm and superstar celebrity’s status to outshine his overall dull-like punitive governing, but not with this cookie. It is quite obvious that the best time to observe him is when he is not with his trusty Teleprompter. Obama is full of contradictions. Am I assuming Obama is showing guilt knowing it is impossible to pay down the $10 trillion debt he would accrue in 10 years?

It tells me that his $800 billion stimulus package is a failure. Obama is quoted to say, “We can’t keep on just borrowing from China, We have to pay interest on that debt, and that means we are mortgaging our children’s future and more and more debt.” I guess Obama feels that this deficit is none of his doing. He is denying accountability. Probably, it’s why he decided to trim his budget by $100 million and reduce 121 federal programs. Honestly, that is not going to dent the damage he has done.

If the stimulus package is a bad deal, why did Obama apologies and blame America in causing this economic demise. It establishes my belief that Obama is a puppet and having experience is an important quality to run this country.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Stimulus Checks Sent To Dead People

Our efficient government started to send out the first phase of the stimulus checks. It was found out that the Social Security Administration mail 52 million checks. Approximately 10,000 checks totaling millions of dollars were sent to dead people.

The ineptness of the Social Security Administration just shows how negligent the government can be. This is the same Social Security Administration who wants to run our pension and 401K retirement accounts. How can this broken system be trusted? Beside sending checks to dead people, the Social Security Administration is sending checks to those who were never part of the Social Security system.

And we are to believe that the Obama Administration can run our health care system? I think not!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Possible Congressional Hearing Against Pelosi

Congressman Steny Hoyer, D-Md. , acknowledge that a hearing is needed to resolve the controversy involving Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s assertions that she wasn’t informed on interrogation techniques used on Abu Zubayda and his al-Qaida cohorts.

Being pressured by the Republicans in the House of Representatives, Hoyer wanted to be transparent to allow the facts to get out. I resent how the Democrats use the typical rhetoric saying that Republicans are trying to distract the American people is outrageous. It is the Democrats who uses diversion and division to confuse the American people and it is very apparent by looking how Obama handles himself in the White House. With constants mistakes by the Democrats in Washington, it is hard to pinpoint an event to attack because it is committed on a daily basis.

In the Associated Press, they wrote:

“A CIA document made public last week shows that Pelosi received a briefing in September 2002 on the tactics used on Abu Zubaydah, an al-Qaida leader and one of three prisoners subjected to waterboarding. Pelosi said she was told the agency was discussing its legal right to use the tactic in the future.”

But recent comments on the record has Pelosi saying, “We were not — I repeat — were not told that waterboarding or any of these other enhanced interrogation methods were used."

Now, common sense will tell you that Pelosi received the briefing of those enemy prisoners being interrogated by waterboarding and she was okay with it. How does one try to change the dynamics of the report by blatantly stating the untruth? Hey Pelosi! Gotcha!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Obama's New $60 Billion Tax Increase

I can remember Obama promising that 95% of American families are going to get a tax cut. Well, the Clinton-wannabe just lied. For the past three months, I have been hearing legislation after legislation about spending this and spending that and taxing this and taxing that. With all the spending, something has to give way to put the burden on the American people.

Obama will announce this week that he will propose $60 billion in new tax increases over10 years targeting on the estate tax and how businesses deal with corporations. This unfair practice is only intended to collect the gap to fund a very expensive universal health care.

The plan to create a universal health care system will cost more than a trillion dollars over a decade and the Obama Administration has proposed a combination of budget cuts in health care spending, and of course, tax increases. This means the old and the elderly will be rationed medical care and the working majority will get tax up the “whazoo!” This means the government will dictate what types of care you need, when you will receive such care, and at the same time, take more control of your life.

This is European Healthcare socialist style at its very core.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Obama Nix Funding for Hydrogen Fuel Cars

NY Times:

WASHINGTON — Cars powered by hydrogen fuel cells, once hailed by President George W. Bush as a pollution-free solution for reducing the nation’s dependence on foreign oil, will not be practical over the next 10 to 20 years, the energy secretary said Thursday, and the government will cut off funds for the vehicles’ development.

Developing those cells and coming up with a way to transport the hydrogen is a big challenge, Energy Secretary Steven Chu said in releasing energy-related details of the administration’s budget for the year beginning Oct. 1. Dr. Chu said the government preferred to focus on projects that would bear fruit more quickly.

I wonder why Obama decided to nix funding for Hydrogen Fuel Cells? It emits no carbon emission, pollution free, and its final product is safe for the atmosphere. I am baffled. Is it because former President Bush stated that the first car driven by a child born today will be powered by hydrogen? Is the hatred for the Bush Administration a sore point for Obama? I wonder how will our carbon free car will be driven. Probably, Obama will tap wind and solar. But Energy Secretary Chu said the Obama Administration will research into stationary fuel cells, which is hyped-up plugged in battery, to run our automobiles. Well, I hate to burst the bubble, but we have tried it already many years ago and it flopped. It is still a good idea, but where is the new innovation that we were promised. Honestly, it is the same old crap dressed up.

Most than 2.5 Million Job Lost and Counting Under Obama's Watch

While many economists in the Obama Administration are cheering that the economy is moving to a “false” positive direction, the auto industry is in disarray, spending is going uncheck, and unemployment just hit 8.9%.

I really enjoy how the media and the Obama Administration are downplaying it and spinning off some hope from a dismal report. For example with unemployment, the media is reporting a moderate loss in jobs at 539,000. Yes, it is far fewer since October, but I wouldn’t jump on the Obama bandwagon. Job loss is still a job lost. While we may hit the bottom with the recession, we are not out of the woods. With the spending by the Obama Administration taking a chunk out of our GDP, do not expect a cheerier and a rosier picture any time soon.

Did you know? :

More than 2.5 million jobs lost (and counting) since Obama took office in Jan 2009.
February 2009, more than 600,000 jobs lost on Obama's watch.
March 2009, more than 700,000 jobs cut on Obama's watch.
April 2009, 539,000 jobs cut on Obama's watch.
A nation wide unemployment rate of 8.9% under Obama's watch.
More than 40 states file a record high unemployment rates on Obama's watch.
6 states file a record high double digit job loss rates on Obama's watch.

If employment is the foundation that creates growth and prosperity in this country, then it is disingenuous for the media to say, “U.S. employers cut a smaller-than-expected 539,000 jobs in April, the smallest amount since October, according to government data on Friday that hinted at some improvement in the labor market and the recession-hit economy.” Let’s not jump up and down and get too excited just yet. Even though a total of 5.7 million jobs has been lost since the recession began in December 2007, Obama hasn’t improved much since he took office. He lost 2.5 million jobs and he has been in office for three months. It’s going to get one hell of a year with more disappointments.

Obama Forces GM to Move Production Overseas

General Motors is walking on a tight rope. With bankruptcy in the loom, there is only two choices the automaker can make. Either the company stays home and potentially faces raising labor cost or risk the Obama fury by allowing the car maker to expand their operations overseas with cheap labor. Well, it seems that GM is going ahead and pushes more of their operations overseas.

This is significant to the American people. To those inept to understand this, it raises the fundamental question why the Federal Government is bailing out these auto companies. It is bad enough we will have to endure more small cars from a Chrysler/Fiat merge, but if Gm is going to move its productions overseas, then why exactly are we saving GM? It is nice to know that the $16 billion gift to GM went to good use. Thank you, Barack Hussein Obama.

This is another blunder by the CEO of the auto industry Barack Hussein Obama. You can’t nationalize the auto industry with a greedy auto union. It is the high cost of the auto unions in America that is forcing many automakers to produce their cars overseas. Why pay the US auto workers with benefits about $55.00 an hour if Mexican workers earn less than $10.00 an hour and Chinese workers earn as little as $3.00 an hour?

This is an example of government interference with the private sector. More control by the government means less freedom for us. The government makes money, waste money, and take money away from us. Ironically, they never earned one dime working for it.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Arlen Specter is now a Lowly Democrat Junior Senator

In a polarizing Democrat Party, any promises from them should always be put down in writing. Verbal agreements are for suckers. Well, this is exactly what happened to Sen. Arlen Specter. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid promised Specter that he would retain his committee seniority after switching parties. As soon as Specter switched sides and became a Democrat, he lost his seniority and is currently serving as a junior Democrat on the same committees he once served as the “big cheese.”

It seems Specter is getting a rude awaking for showing his independent side by indicating he would support former Sen. Norm Coleman’s (R-Minn) disputed reelection bid against Al Franken. This really angered many Democrats. And to show who is boss, Specter was demoted to a lowly junior Senator.

Well, Specter deserves it. This is the payback for his self-serving preservation of his political legacy. His greed and pride suit him as a Democrat. Good ridden!

Murtha’s nephew received millions in contracts

Murtha’s nephew received millions in contracts

Before Liberals have a chance of chastising HALLIBURTON and linking them to a corrupt GOP, let me shed light that Liberals too had an HALLIBURTON moment. It seems that Democrat Congressman John Murtha of Pennsylvania influenced the Defense Department to give his nephew’s company millions of dollars in contracts with the Pentagon without competition.

It must be nice for the Congressman of Pennsylvania, who is the chairman of the House Appropriations Defense subcommittee, to be able to sway the Defense Department to give Murtha’s nephew a lucrative contract without any competitive offering bids. Robert C. Murtha Jr. is the nephew of the congressman and owner of Murtech Inc., which is involved in providing logistical support that focus on detecting WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction).

This is a blatant abuse of power. The audacity of John Murtha to use his influence to give a $4 million a year contract to his nephew’s company is an abuse to the seat that he holds. Whatever happened to the Democrat Majority’s promise to change its practice and mandate the highest level of ethics that the American people deserve? I guess that was a lie too.