Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Arlen Specter is now a Lowly Democrat Junior Senator

In a polarizing Democrat Party, any promises from them should always be put down in writing. Verbal agreements are for suckers. Well, this is exactly what happened to Sen. Arlen Specter. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid promised Specter that he would retain his committee seniority after switching parties. As soon as Specter switched sides and became a Democrat, he lost his seniority and is currently serving as a junior Democrat on the same committees he once served as the “big cheese.”

It seems Specter is getting a rude awaking for showing his independent side by indicating he would support former Sen. Norm Coleman’s (R-Minn) disputed reelection bid against Al Franken. This really angered many Democrats. And to show who is boss, Specter was demoted to a lowly junior Senator.

Well, Specter deserves it. This is the payback for his self-serving preservation of his political legacy. His greed and pride suit him as a Democrat. Good ridden!