Sunday, May 31, 2009

Doctor Who Does Late Term Abortion Shot Dead

I am pro-life and for Liberals pushing me to answer their stupid question about the heinous death of Dr. George Tiller, a physician who performs late-term abortions, let me say this, "What goes around, comes around!"
I don’t see why Liberals, including the drive-by media, politicize an incident that is no different from any other defenseless death. Why should I lower myself and feed fuel to the fire? Ironically, late term abortions or partial birth abortion was deemed illegal in 2003 and the Supreme Court upheld that law back in 2007.

I cannot comment if the Tiller’s facility, which is one of three in the nation where partial birth abortion is routinely done, still does the procedure, but if so, the late Dr. George Tiller has committed a crime. By providing an abortion after the 21st week of pregnancy, this doctor is negligent in killing a living being. What would you call a living being with a functioning brain and heart inside of the mother’s womb and technically kill this innocent soul before it comes out in order that this baby can’t be determined to be a person? I call it murder.