Saturday, May 9, 2009

Obama Forces GM to Move Production Overseas

General Motors is walking on a tight rope. With bankruptcy in the loom, there is only two choices the automaker can make. Either the company stays home and potentially faces raising labor cost or risk the Obama fury by allowing the car maker to expand their operations overseas with cheap labor. Well, it seems that GM is going ahead and pushes more of their operations overseas.

This is significant to the American people. To those inept to understand this, it raises the fundamental question why the Federal Government is bailing out these auto companies. It is bad enough we will have to endure more small cars from a Chrysler/Fiat merge, but if Gm is going to move its productions overseas, then why exactly are we saving GM? It is nice to know that the $16 billion gift to GM went to good use. Thank you, Barack Hussein Obama.

This is another blunder by the CEO of the auto industry Barack Hussein Obama. You can’t nationalize the auto industry with a greedy auto union. It is the high cost of the auto unions in America that is forcing many automakers to produce their cars overseas. Why pay the US auto workers with benefits about $55.00 an hour if Mexican workers earn less than $10.00 an hour and Chinese workers earn as little as $3.00 an hour?

This is an example of government interference with the private sector. More control by the government means less freedom for us. The government makes money, waste money, and take money away from us. Ironically, they never earned one dime working for it.