Sunday, May 10, 2009

Obama's New $60 Billion Tax Increase

I can remember Obama promising that 95% of American families are going to get a tax cut. Well, the Clinton-wannabe just lied. For the past three months, I have been hearing legislation after legislation about spending this and spending that and taxing this and taxing that. With all the spending, something has to give way to put the burden on the American people.

Obama will announce this week that he will propose $60 billion in new tax increases over10 years targeting on the estate tax and how businesses deal with corporations. This unfair practice is only intended to collect the gap to fund a very expensive universal health care.

The plan to create a universal health care system will cost more than a trillion dollars over a decade and the Obama Administration has proposed a combination of budget cuts in health care spending, and of course, tax increases. This means the old and the elderly will be rationed medical care and the working majority will get tax up the “whazoo!” This means the government will dictate what types of care you need, when you will receive such care, and at the same time, take more control of your life.

This is European Healthcare socialist style at its very core.