Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Senator Reids Joe Biden Moment

From the gaffes of Joe Bidens secret bunker remarks, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid joins Nancy Pelosi as the two most powerful dimwits on Capitol Hill. Reid got in trouble with his assumptive rhetoric by botching statements after statements in one news conference.

With a bold confidence, Reid stated that Senator Ted Kennedy is in remission from brain cancer. Then he went to say that Senator Robert Byrd will be release from the hospital for the treatment of an infection this week. Both statements are pure assumptions with no credible support from the offices of Senator Kennedy and Byrd. Even the doctors of these Senators didn’t support Reid’s medical assessment.

But the “piece de resistance” has to be Reid’s mangled statement stating that Senate Democrats would join the House of Representatives in withholding money needed to close Guantanamo until Obama comes up with a plan to relocate the prisoners. Then Reid said, "We will never allow terrorists to be released into the United States." Well, I hope the Administration had no intentions of releasing these terrorists inside the United States. I will accept keeping them in prison, but no releasing them in the general population. I would think that would be stupid.

It is very interesting how the Democrats react when they are cornered by the press. They finally see how the Republicans felt for the past decade. During today’s press conference, Senator Dick Durbin had to correct some of the gaffes of Senator Reid. It was as pathetic as watching Pelosi try to wiggle out of her lies about advance interrogation techniques.

Well, it is the time for both Pelosi and Reid to step down from their leadership position. It is very sad to see their power diminished (sarcasm). Senator Reid is on an upward battle to keep his Senate seat as a survey from Nevada showed a good majority of Nevadans wanted to see Reid replaced with another candidate and vote him out of office.

Either way, Reid’s days are numbered, which gives a little sigh of relief for the GOP. I think I see the tides turning in favor for the Republican party.