Monday, June 1, 2009


The inconceivable just happened. The government just nationalized a good portion of the American auto industry. It seems that General Motors or Government Motors and Chrysler succumb to the manipulation of the US government. While Chrysler was force to give up a majority of its power to an Italian car maker overseas, GM went into chapter 11 bankruptcy. In regards to GM, Obama now owns 60% of the car maker.

This is the first sector that actually went toward socialism. The federal government and the unions, which supports Obama, are now marital partners in this new failed business venture. This huge risk is the kiss of death of the auto maker GM and Chrysler. It is unfortunate that the American auto makers are unable to convince the American public to buy their cars, but it is even worst when the government is running the business. Just to note, this is the end of capitalism of the auto industry. Even Ford, which is now the only American own car company not been affected by the bailout, will have to compete against the federal government and that is a huge task to undertake. The federal government will put every competitor out of business by manipulating the price that would not be profitable for the competition.

Government ownership of the auto industry will only allow tax subsides to continue to grow at the expense of the tax payers. It is only throwing money at the problem with no practical solutions. Look at Medicaid, Medicare, Social Security, and the Post Office. These entities are too expensive to maintain and on the verge of total collapse. The only solution is to privatize of the auto industry with less meddling from the government. We need to protest. We need to stop buying cars made from a soft tyrannical government.

I am pleading the American public not to buy GM or Chrysler. Buy a Ford or any other car manufacturer made in America (Toyota, Honda, Mitsubishi). The idea of a government made cars backed by a government warranty should cause an alarm. You know how our inept government can be slow, sloppy, and bureaucratic. Can you imagine the nightmare when you need to deal with the government? Remember the experience at the DMV? It will be just like that, but worst. I recommend that you call your respective representatives of your state and tell them not to kill free enterprise and freedom.