Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grade Your Congressman and Senator at www.GradeGov.com

How would you like to grade your congressman and senator of your state and let them know what you think of them? Well, I found a website that will do that for you.

The website is WWW.GRADEGOV.COM

The founder of this website worked 26 years for the US Senate. Her name is Elizabeth Letchworth. Her idea was conceived from what she saw on Main Street, USA. She understood that many Americans don’t have an outlet or a clearer simple way to tell Congress what they think. So this idea became a reality.

This is an opportunity to talk with your politicians by grading them from “A” to “F” and write a letter explaining your grade. This is a great alternative to voice your opinion than listening to politician spin on TV, radio, internet, and newspapers.

So speak up and let your representative of your state know how you feel. Remind them daily that they represent you and not their own self interest. So sign up and let yourself be heard