Thursday, June 11, 2009

Has Anybody Noticed the Rising Price of Gas at the Pumps

Here we go again! What have you notice lately as you pass by your local gas station? Yes, the price of gas is starting to ascend to nervous territory. It is hard to believe that just four months ago we were seeing $30 a barrel of oil. Now, the price of oil is more than $70.00. At this level, did you know we are in a crisis? Yes, Virginia, the main stream media is not covering this at all and when the media is trying to cover up something, the story is usually paramount. And since we are entering the summer months of school vacations, I am not surprise to see the price of a barrel of oil hit the $90 mark. While the world’s oil is plentiful and the demand for it is weak, why are gas prices going up? Why hasn’t your president address this problem? Why aren’t we drilling?

I blame the damn speculative investors for this artificial folly as they rush into the market and drive the price of oil through the roof. I also put blame on OPEC because they are hoarding supplies hedging that the global economy will recover this year. While these two bozos are timing the market, which is close to impossible, each one of use has to face these ridiculous high gas prices at the gas pump. Our current US oil inventories for this month have reached to their highest level since the early 80's. Let’s not forget that we have close to three billion barrels of oil currently stored in commercial tankers around the world. So, I wouldn’t worry about the US running out of oil. The good news from many experts is that oil is unlikely to hit the $147 a barrel again. Well, at least not for many decades.

But this is not going to help us at the pumps. I am almost certain Obama really doesn’t care how high the price of gas reaches. According to Barack Hussein Obama, he said last year that high gas prices don’t really constitute a problem for Americans. This imposter of a president went on to say he accepts a “gradual adjustment” to the current cost of the price of gas. Of course, the Obama Administration needs tax revenues to offset the trillion-dollar price tag for his socialist healthcare initiative.

I think we need to revive a very popular slogan “Drill here, Drill now, and Pay less at the pump.” I wonder how long the American public will be able to tolerate these high gas prices before they begin to revolt.