Saturday, June 6, 2009

How Can High Unemployment be a Good Thing

Since December 2007, this recession caused six million jobs to be lost, of which three million jobs were lost under Obamas watch. This is significant because three million jobs were lost in the four months Obama took the reign. Today’s economic figures showed fewer jobs lost, but many left leaning Liberals are raising their expectations of an economic recovery taking place later this year. The point is that nothing can sugarcoat reality. Even though many companies are holding back on layoffs, the national jobless rate rose to an unbelievable high of 9.4% with it likely to rise further into 2011.

It doesn’t matter if we worry about this recession. We will eventually bounce back from it, but growth will be anemic. What matters more is to put people back to work. If the government continues to divert money from one part of the economy to create jobs, we will never be able to see health job numbers. I will not buy into the media’s rhetoric saying that the slowing of layoffs is a good sign. A lower job rate loss is not the goal and less bad is not how we are going to measure success. Do not listen to Liberal pundits saying that the economy is getting better. They will say that the number of people drawing unemployment benefits has improved for the first time in 20 weeks and first time claims also dropped. Ironically, what they say is the truth, but what they haven’t told you are that they didn’t include the bankruptcies’ effects of GM and Chrysler. Let’s also add that the unemployment number doesn’t include those individuals who just gave up looking for a job, which are not factored in the equation, If those people were factored in the mix, the true unemployment numbers would be around 16%.

While the media made sure those numbers were always reported when the Bush Administration ran the show, these idiots didn’t want to make the messiah look foolish. That’s why the media tried to pad down the figures and not really focusing on the unemployment numbers. Yes, that is the change you can believe in.