Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Obama is a Weak Toothless Paper Tiger

During the Clinton Administration, we have seen a series of events unfolded that lead to 9/11. Letting history to repeat itself, Obama inept attitude to national security will lead to that 3AM phone call he is trying to avoid.

We saw his lack of decisiveness with the Muslim pirates. I think it took four days to take them out because Obama didn’t know what to do. Then we have seen the apology tour in Europe. Not to be unmatched, Obama had to handle the events with Iran proliferation with nuclear weapon, North Korea testing missiles and a nuclear bomb, and the latest, the Taliban drove a truck with explosives in a luxury hotel in Pakistan.

It seems Obama appeasement to the Muslim nations all over the world now view the USA as a week toothless paper tiger. This attack on a luxury hotel in Pakistan that killed 11 and wounded 70 is a reminder that terrorism still exists. While Obama wants to change the term “the War in Terror”to something less obnoxious, the realization of terror is very apparent. Ironically, this luxury hotel in Pakistan is rumored to be the site of the next US consulate.

What are we to do? Since we are closing Club Gitmo, we are putting those serious offenders in our civil court system to be judged by their peers. That mean they will have the same rights as an American, be provided a legal council, and will have the ability to appeal the court’s decision. So, if we get those Taliban responsible of blowing up this luxury hotel, they can be trialed here in the USA. Since we were able to arrest the lone surviving Muslim pirate that was involved in keeping an American sailor as hostage, that terrorist is being tried in NYC. My problem is that if convicted, these terrorists can use the prison system to get new recruits, indoctrinate their twisted radical Islamic religion, and plot their next terrorist attack in the United States.

This is what we call the second coming of Jimmy Carter.