Saturday, June 6, 2009

Obama Jobs Approval Rating at 51 percent

The polls are in from the Rasmussen Reports and it doesn’t look good for Barack Hussein Obama. Even though he is still popular, Obamas leadership as president is dwindling. From a very high approval rating as president before he took office, Obamas numbers plummeted to 51%. That number is down from 55% last month.

We have seen an upswing by 3% to 27% of the American people seeing Obama as a poor leader. While it may look insignificant, other polling results are showing a negative trend. Rasmussen polling showed 58% of Democrats rate Obama as an excellent leader. Whatever happened to Democrats uniting with the president? I was expecting something like 90%. While 47% of Republicans rating Obamas overall job performance as poor, it is worth noting that 43% of independents see Obama performing his job well. In other words, 57% of independents see Obamas jobs approval rating as very poor.

I haven’t heard this from the media outlet and you will never will. You won’t even hear how many US military deaths occurred in Iraq and Afghanistan under Obamas watch. You won’t hear Obama snubbing our allies while embracing dictators. You won’t hear any of this by the media. You will only hear this from conservative sites that report only the truth like this website.