Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obama Leaked Sensitive Material on Nuclear Sites on the Internet

I am very adamant that Barack Hussein Obama is out to put America in harms way. Today, Obama accidently posted on the internet a list of all civilian nuclear sites in the United States. These highly sensitive material was marked “highly confidential safeguards sensitive.”

If these documents went to the wrong hands, it will give another avenue for any terrorist to plot a future attack in the United States. It was noted that the report was accidently displayed for public view since Monday. It took a while for someone to notice that these documents were for public consumption.

It takes these small “oops” to cause some alarm. It wasn’t too long ago then the presidential plane was seen flying around New York City for a photo-op without telling anyone. That caused a brief moment of hysteria. To see Obama bow to the Saudi King was unfounded. To see the president and first lady squandered at least $75,000 of our tax payers money for a good time in New York City was inexcusable during this recessionary period. What else is next?

The inexperience of Barack Hussein Obama is starting to show and it should be your concern because 52.7% of the American people voted for this fool. There is one question that I want to pose to you. Are you happy now with this president? If you continue to answer yes, you need to stop drinking the Kool-Aid!