Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Obama Needs To Stop Apologizing to the Muslim Population

I know there are many people who voted for Barack Hussein Obama is starting to regret their choice. These individuals were duped and there is no way to change it. We are now witnessing a president setting out to destroy America. My claims are not harsh, but real. In the past four months of Barack Hussein Obama presidency, we have seen a man trying to push every agenda he can muster and ramrod them through Congress with high urgency. It is obviously clear that once a legislation is set in stone it would be extremely difficult to remove. A good example of this is Social Security. Likewise, the polls are showing more and more people are seeing this president on a spending spree with no recourse. Since taking office in January 2009, we have seen a trillion dollar budget, 9% unemployment, a severely weakened dollar, $787 billion stimulus bill, national security in chaos, nationalizing and bailing out the private sector, and a president who continue to apologies for America’s arrogance, just to name a few.

Besides making flawed decisions by our president, today Obama went to Saudi Arabia to see King Abdullah to discuss world matters. We got to see Obama trying to impress the Saudi King with a little Arabic. This is a man who said back in July 2008, “I don’t speak a foreign language. It’s embarrassing!” Well, Obama is lying! Obama does speaks Arabic. It is fully documented that Obama recited the Muslim call to prayer in Arabic with perfect diction in 2007. And with the White House now embracing the fact that Obama is Muslim, I am wondering why he went back to the Middle East apologizing again for America’s intolerance to the Muslim population all over the world. Obama went on to say that America can be seen as a Muslim country. He also profoundly stated that the US could be considered as one of the largest Muslim countries in the world. Of course, Obama was grossly and falsely exaggerating. This appeasement crap will only go so far before the world sees us as a weak paper tiger.

I am certain many are unable to answer this question? You have no idea who is Barack Hussein Obama? I have only one concern about this man. I wonder what this president is up to. I know for sure that I don’t trust Obama in dealing with our safety and welfare of this country.