Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Obama Offers Miranda Rights to Terrorist

Today, Obama went over the edge of stupidity. It is reported that the Obama administration has silently mandated that the FBI must start to read the Miranda rights to a suspected terrorist at US military prisons in Afghanistan. This is opening a can of worms. Since the FBI are not soldiers, I am guessing the military will have to do the role of the FBI in the field of battle. If the FBI has to tell each detainee he has the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney, how are we able to waterboard them to get vital intelligence? Worst yet, how are we going to conduct ourselves in the field of battle? Do we shoot them in the leg or arm and tell them they have a right to an attorney?

Why does Obama enjoy making the lives of our miliary soldiers very difficult? First, Obama decides to increase our forces, but significantly cut the military funding. Second, Obama decides to close Guantanamo and use the civil court system to convict these terrorists. And now this! My only concern is what happens if these dangerous detainees get off on a technicality? Well, it does happen a times. Do we set them free?

I don’t understand the rational of this imposter you voted as president. I am just imagining the confusion in the battlefield in Afghanistan. I see an American soldier getting inundated with shrapnel and at the same time this soldier is trying to decide how to delicately give the Miranda right to this terrorist. This must be frustrating to our military. Anytime you put confusion in the equation on the battlefield, there will be chaos that will jeopardize a soldier’s life.

If we treat these terrorist detainees as civil human beings and tell them they have rights, how are we going to be able to be successful to pursue intelligence on the field of battle. This is impeding the militaries’ ability to perform their job. They are not used as police officers. They are there to kill the enemy. There is so much confusion with the CIA, FBI, and the US Military that no is sure what is the criterion that is needed to be implemented.

I wonder how events would have been if the Miranda rights were told to Saddam Hussein or the 9/11 mastermind Khaled Sheikh Mohammad? I shudder at the thought.