Thursday, June 18, 2009

Obama Promises 600,000 Jobs by Summer

We have the president of the United States claim that he is worried about the deficits and he can’t sleep at night. Besides the deficits, Obama’s job approval numbers are dwindling. On an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll, Obama overall job approval rating slipped to 55 percent. More than 58 percent surveyed wanted Obama to focus bringing down the budget deficit. So far, the Congressional Budget Office is putting the federal deficit to $1.8 TRILLION this fiscal year. More than 70 percent are displeased and not supporting Obama’s intervention on the economy. The American people are angry about Obama’s decision to own the auto industry, banking industry, and healthcare.

So, what is Obama planning to do? Well, for starters, he will perform a miracle by pledging to flood the economy with stimulus money and create or save more than 600,000 jobs by this summer. It is now June 18, 2009, and in a couple of days it will be the beginning of summer. I highly doubt that his bloviated claims will transpire to real results. Oh, by the way, did you hear that Obama said that at least 125,000 of those jobs are temporary. At least half of the state owned media, like ABC, forgot to mention it.

I don’t know how Obama is going to initiate this. So far, Obama has only spent on four to 8 percent of the $787 billion stimulus bill, and with a snap of his finger, he will accelerate the release of more funds to open up health centers, increase construction, keep law enforcement employed, and make 125,000 temporary summer youth jobs.

My friends, I hardly doubt that this temporary fix will amount to anything. Obama promised back in February 2009 that if he gets his stimulus bill, he will save or create 3.5 millions jobs. Well, it is June 2009, so far under his watch, Obama lost more than three million jobs and unemployment is at 9.4 percent. Common sense will tell you that the trillion-dollar spending is not working, and base on poll numbers, the American public has caught on. These fabricated projections related to the stimulus package is a joke. They are not based on the Congressional Budget Office real data collection. These numbers are just made up by the Obama Administration. It is like when Obama claimed that 150,000 jobs were saved or created by his stimulus plan so far since he signed the bill in February. We all know that is full of crock!