Friday, June 12, 2009

Obamas World Is Starting to Unravel

Finally, there are more poll numbers on Obama and I can see the messiah has lost his touch with his people. I will accept that his personal approval rating is high because nobody likes to be called a racist, but it is important to note that Obama is not immune to bad poll numbers.

Based on the Scott Rasmussen poll, the only poll that has proven to be accurate, more voters now trust Republican more than Liberal Democrats in handling the economy by a margin 45-39. Obama continues to struggle with a 55% job approval rating. Further polling found Obama getting a 45% approval rating on his handling of federal spending, 46% approval rating on his treatment of the budget deficit, and 42% approval rating on his handling with the GM and Chrysler bankruptcy.

I am so glad to see that the American public is putting Obama responsible for the mess we are in. His continuance of pouring our tax dollars down the drain will cost us dearly down the road. We will eventually have to pay up. Of course Obama can raise taxes, but that will take us back into a recession. Obama could pay more interest to borrow money from countries like China, which has a detriment effect from national security to our moral values. Most likely, Obama will ask the Fed to print more money, which will cause further weakening of our US dollar and cause unsustainable inflation.

The American public has the impression that any blame would rest on Barack Hussein Obama. Don’t let the poll numbers fool you. It will be extremely hard for Obama to coast in the next general presidential election in 2012. He will find it very difficult to rely on a mere image to bolster his presidency. This time around it will be the issues, which will have an important role to play. With unemployment reaching depression level of 10%, and his pushing socialized medicine, I would not be keenly surprise if his poll numbers drop way past into oblivion.