Saturday, June 27, 2009

Where are the Jobs Obama Promised

In the span of five months, Obama has spent like a drunken sailor. We have seen a trillion dollar deficits, a trillion-dollar stimulus bill, a trillion dollar budget, a trillion dollars proposed healthcare bill, and the House recently pass the Cap and Trade bill, which is a huge tax to the American consumer. But there is one thing bothering me, where are the jobs being promised by all these spending.

I can understand the spending during the Bush Administration after 9/11. It was a wise investment that kept us safe from another terrorist attack. In contrary to Obama, I have not seen anything positive from this current president and the Democrats in Congress. I distinctly remembered Obama saying that if we pass the trillion-dollar stimulus bill, we would see unemployment not rise above 8%. Well, we pass this “porkulus” bill and unemployment shoots up 9.4%. Under Obama’s watch, we lost more than three million jobs in five months of his presidency. It is anticipated that we are going to expect double digit unemployment by the end of the year. When that happens, we are moving away from a recessionary period to a Depression.

As stated earlier, the House of Representatives went on to pass the Cap-and-Trade bill, which is a national energy tax. Anything that has to do with carbon, you will be taxed. If it is passed by the Senate, it will be the most intrusive form of tax to be forced upon us. Besides that, the government is planning to a takeover the healthcare industry, which will cost us one trillion dollars. Did you know that if we spent one trillion dollars on healthcare, it will only cover one-third of the American people who aren’t covered? Therefore, it will cost us three trillion dollars to cover everybody’s healthcare. That is a recipe for a disaster.

You will hear Obama repeat idiotic claims that Americans will be able to keep their doctors under his Healthcare plan and scoffs at critics who say his public option plan as an alternative will harm the private insurance industry. But there are two things undeniable under the Obama Healthcare plan, you cannot compete against the federal government, who can make money on the whim, and be prepared to have your medical care rationed because of the high cost of healthcare. This will eventually lead to people losing their current healthcare coverage and massive layoffs.

So, Mr. President, you got your spending. You maxed out borrowing from China and the Middle East. You have introduced several intrusive new taxes. WHERE ARE THE JOBS YOU PROMISED!