Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Who Will Obama Sit Next to at the Picnic Table Summit

When the President of the United States invites you to the White House, I wouldn’t expect the meeting to be conducted in the kids play area in the backyard. Yes, you heard me correctly. I could not stand idle and let this opportunity pass by. To quote from what I heard on the radio, this Picnic Table Summit will occur Thursday afternoon on a picnic table outside the Oval Office. It will not be conducted inside the kitchen or the West Wing of the White House. Instead, it will be conducted where the children play. This is where president Obama, Harvard profession “Skip” Gates, and police officer Crowley will part takes the ceremonial “bury the hatchet” drinking of the beer.

For those unfamiliar with the root cause of this spectacle, let me review what happened this past week. Cambridge, Massachuset cop James Crowley arrested professor Gates, who teach African American studies at Harvard and a dear friend of Obama, at Gates home base on a call from a neighbor that there maybe an apparent breaking and entering. Gates was arrested for disorderly conduct as he used racial accusations toward the officer. This was compounded further when Obama stated that the officer conducted the matter “stupidly” without getting all the facts.

I have always said that the election was purely racial and the Obama campaign strategy was to use the race card against his opponents. That press conference when Obama put his foot in mouth gave credence how this black president views on racial profiling by the police.

In this idiotic maneuver to appease both parties, president Obama invited Crowley and Gates to drink beer and end this once and for all. For the curious, the president will drink Budweiser, Gates will be drinking Red Stripe or Becks, and Crowley will be drinking Blue Moon.

My question is what happens if Crowley and Gates sit across from each other on the picnic table? Whom will Obama sit next to? I wonder if Obama will be sitting on top of the picnic table to be neutral. LOL.