Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Senior Will See Their Social Security Checks Dwindle

You have to listen very closely to Obama and what he says. I can remember in his campaign Obama said that will be a champion for the senior citizen. Well, of course (sarcasm)! These groups of people are considered the swing voters that helped him win the presidency. But alas, from the first day Obama stepped into office, he started to break his promises he laid out during his presidential campaign.

Obama said that senior will not see a decrease in their Social Security checks. Again, of course not! By law, Social Security benefits cannot go down. In fact, since 1975, there has been a built in automatic increase based on cost of living. But alas, Obama foolhardy arrogance got the better of him.

For the first time in generations, millions of senior citizen will be seeing a shrinking of their Social Security checks for next the next couple of years. It seems because of this economic turmoil and largely because energy price are below 2008 levels, there won’t be that cost of living adjustment that millions of seniors are counting on.

Because many are in the Medicare prescription drug program, those who choose to get their premiums deducted from their Social Security will see their checks dwindle. This is so true when the premiums for the Medicare prescription drug program will be scheduled to go up slightly next year.

This will be a real inconvenience for many seniors when they face higher cost for healthcare, declining home prices, and shrinking retirement portfolios.

Obama says he will tackle Social Security next year after trying to muster passage of his Universal Healthcare and “Cap and Trade”. Well, the president better do it real soon because this recession has brought in less tax revenue to cover Social Security. In fact, the program will be paying out more money than it receives by 2016. If Obama ignores this crisis, Social Security will go bust by 2037.

Ah, yes, the word crisis is something the Obama Administration cherishes. Remember, the motto in the White House, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

That’s the change you can count on.

Monday, August 24, 2009

Who Will Obama Blame Next For His Woes

There are a few options for Obama to blame for his demise. It is quite funny how Obama and his press secretary Robert Gibbs are withering into oblivion. It seems that as poll numbers are plummeting, Obama and Gibbs are showing their true colors. In fact, I can’t stand seeing television coverage on Obama 24/7. Whenever I turn to a channel on TV and see Obama on the campaign trail as president, I get immediately turned off. Also, whenever I see press secretary Robert Gibbs gives his briefing, I can’t help to think that this guy is an idiot. You can call me cynical, but don’t you feel the same way? It seems both men are a tad scornful, mocking, and patronizing now-a-days.

The Obama Administration is currently blaming the media for the bad publicity the president is experiencing. Obama and Gibbs can’t blame Republicans anymore. It doesn’t matter how hard the Administration tries to pin the obstruction on them. The American people finally realize that Obama got a Senatorial and Congressional Democrat Majority. They don’t need the Republicans at this point. The Republicans are too far out of power.

I see desperation when Obama picks a fight with talk show Rush Limbaugh, who is a private citizen. I roll my eyes when Obama whines about a posting by Sarah Palin on Facebook about him. When I see Obama unable to take a criticism, I have my doubt that he could lead a country.

Then Obama tried to blame his problems with the special interest groups, but that was short lived. I recall the pharmaceutical industry giving him $150 million worth of ads to bolster his healthcare initiative. So for him to blame special interest groups are a bust.

It seems blaming the American people attending the townhall meetings is not the way to go. Liberals calling the people attending the townhall meetings as “radicals”, “mobs”, and “un-American” is not nice to say to the voting public.

It was very easy for Obama to pass blame to his opponent during the Democrat primaries and during the Presidential Election, but there is no one to pass blame here except for him. There is no opponent here other than public opinion and no finish line other than the end of his term.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Universal Healthcare and the Post Office have something in common

Barack Obama is on the run with the other Liberals on Capitol Hill. They are unable to put a game plan together. It seems they are throwing anything to the wall and see what sticks.

The gaffes that this president does on frequent bases are extraordinary. The most recent gaffe which contradicts his support for Universal Healthcare is acknowledging that the Post Office has problems.

Quote: "I think private insurers should be able to compete...I mean. If you think about it, UPS and FedEx are doing just fine. It's the Post Office that's always having problems."

It seems that the president acknowledge that the private sector does a better job in offering choices to the American people. That means getting a service that is competitive and cost effective than a wasteful spending federal government.

But it seem so ironic that Obama is supporting a government run healthcare system that is inefficient, limited in choices, and backstabbing the taxpayers with higher taxes like the Post Office. I heard couple weeks ago that the Government Accountability Office (GAO) stated that the Post Office will have a $7 billion operating loss this year. They call the Post Office as a high risk federal agency. It is the same with the government own AMTRAK. It’s not surprising because I don’t recall a program by the government ever making a profit. Do you remember the “Cash for Clunkers” program?

So, if Obama admits that a government run outfit like the Post Office is a failing system, what make you think the government can make healthcare any better?

Universal Healthcare is another Cash For Clunkers Program

If we are going to nationalize healthcare, we should look how the “Cash for Clunkers” program was a disappointment and failure. There is a big comparison between the two and if we don’t learn from past mistakes, we are condemned to repeat history.

The “Cash for Clunkers” program will end Monday, August 24, 2009. On the surface, many Americans took advantage in trading their gas guzzling car for a newer fuel efficient car. A buyer will get $4500.00 taken off the price sticker of the car automatically and other incentive discounts by the dealer. Once thought that the program will run through November 2009, the money allocated to the program dried-up in less than a month. Congress decided to ante up and added $2 billion more to the program thinking they are doing the public a favor. But alas, the program failed a little over a month.

Why? Well, while it was nice and rosy on the exterior, from behind the scene, it was unraveling at the seams. Let me give you a summary of what happened.
Congress passed this “Cash for Clunkers” program on June 24, 2009. They mandated the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) to create an agency to oversee the stimulus money to the program, which is called the Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS). Congress mandated the NHTSA to begin the program no later than 30 days. On July 24, 2009, exactly 30 days after the enactment of the bill, the program had its website set up for consumers and dealers. While buyers were buying cars, dealers were inputting the sales of the cars on the government database for reimbursement of the $4500.00. Because of the ineptness of the government, the dealers weren’t getting paid on time. The website failed/crashed and dealers decided to end this foolishness.

There were so many mistakes. To force an agency to implement a brand new program in 30 days without testing the process is stupid. The agency took for granted of the website between dealer and government. Because a huge influx of dealers participating in the program, it was too overwhelming for the computer system to handle. It took dealers throughout the night to register into the program and submitting car sales for reimbursement. This lead to an abnormal number of rejection notices because of missing information by the dealer and an untested computer system.

Now think how the agency works. “Cash for Clunkers” program mandates that once a sales transaction is approved, a dealer is entitled for payment in 10 days. When you have 600,000 car sales sold in a month, what are the chances for a staffer to review and approve the dealer’s submission to be completed on time? I would make the assumption that since it is a federal agency it is highly unlikely. That is why many dealers are opting out from the program because the delay of payment is detrimental to their business. The lack of repayment have place many dealerships into unintended financial losses.

So beware how the federal government acts. They may think they are doing us a worthy service, but giving a very small deadline to implement a $1 billion program, they are doing us a disservice without any consideration to the private sector. I don’t understand why things must be rushed. It only erodes the consumer confidence of the American people. So, when Obama wants to pass this universal healthcare bill, be wary that the same mistake can happen a second time around.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Countering Obama's Rhetoric

The desperation of the Obama Democrat party is pitiful. We are seeing arrogance and miscues from the ranking Democrat leaders in Capitol Hill. From a Democratic congresswoman answering her cell phone while a constituent asks her a question to Pelosi calling the protestor against Universal Healthcare as un-American, these idiots don’t come close in comparison to the great messiah Barack Hussein Obama.

Now, since Obama has gone back on the campaign trail attending a fixed town hall meeting around the country, I need to counter some of his rhetoric with some good hard facts.

Obama promises every American can keep their current healthcare coverage, but he doesn’t tell you that more than 88 million people will lose their current insurance coverage if the government takes over our healthcare system. In an analysis of the July 15 draft of the American Affordable Health Choice Act of 2009, it said that under current law, there will be about 158.1 million people who are covered under an employer plan as workers, dependents or early retirees in 2011. If the act were fully implemented in that year, about 88.1 million workers would shift from private employer insurance to the public plan.

Remember this familiar promise? Obama pledges every American can keep their current doctor. Obama actual quote, "If you like your plan and you like your doctor, you won’t have to do a thing. You keep your plan. You keep your doctor . . . We’re not going to mess with it." Well, I heard that the Mayo Clinic says a government takeover of our healthcare system will force doctors to drop patients. This healthcare bill being presented has a provision to approve across-the-board federal payment reductions of $155 billion over 10 years for hospitals. This also means that there will be a reduction paid to doctors as well. If the government is going to pay doctors poorly, you can rest assured that they will drop patients to avoid the high cost.

My favorite rhetoric by Obama is his promise that there will be no additional tax on the middle class. To quote Obama from the "Today Show" last month, "What I’ve said is, and I have stuck to this point, I don’t want to see additional tax burdens on people making $250,000 a year or less." You know if such a bold statement was used to pander the American people, you can be certain it was a lie. In the massive healthcare bill that no one read, it had a provision that will impose a 2.5% tax on uninsured individuals. It states that a penalty will be assessed on people who don’t obtain insurance that would equal 2.5% of the difference between their adjusted gross income and the tax filing threshold.

I can see a major turnaround by the American people. While Obama is telling supporters to push back twice as hard, they are no-match to us. We are center right country. Majority views ourselves as conservatives. Recent polls show American siding Republicans as the solution to our healthcare problem. I say to Democrats, "You should be a great deal scared. Remember 1994. It will happen again."

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Democracy is Determined by Mob Rule

The truest meaning of Democracy is determined by mob rule. Liberals enjoy exploiting this terminology against former President Bush during his term. Now, it seems that the sleeping giant we call the Conservatives has awakened. Obama knew that this day would come to see his popularity fading, his job approval rating plummeting, and the promises he committed during the presidential trail are full of lies.

I fully understand why Obama has been pushing a deadline to pass Universal Healthcare before Congress recess in August. It is because these senators and congressmen will be getting an earful from their constituents as they return to their respective states. You can find video all over the internet of these town hall meetings between the elected official and their constituents. Ironically, I felt sorry for these congressmen and senators. They got more of an ear full. Instead, they got verbally traumatize by an angry mob.

It is disingenuous for the Obama Administration to say it was planned by Conservatives. Well, no one questioned when the liberal groups like ACORN, Code Pink, and the antiwar groups jumped at former President Bush. I will agree that there were some Conservative groups involved in solidifying the base at these meetings, but in these Democratic towns in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York, it was everybody of any party affiliations voicing their concerns.

We all know that Obamacare is not the way to go. Obama knows this. Neither he nor any liberal Democrat on Capitol Hill completely read the bill. We have video and audio proof that high ranking Democrats have made such comments. Even though Obama is clueless what the bill contains, he knows that the bill will weaken our freedom and put more power into this soft tyranny that we call the federal government.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Obama Doesn't Like the Middle Working Class

It is a bold statement to claim that Barack Obama despises the working blue collar worker. But as evidence is leaning against Obama’s favor, it would be foolish for us to ignore. Obama has already lied to the American people on array of campaign promises. Even Obama’s lapdog is supporting the follies of the commander-in-chief. Treasury Secretary Tim Geitner mentioned that there may be a possible tax to the middle class or he wouldn’t rule that out.

We have seen Obama tell Joe the Plumber that spreading the wealth is the right thing to do. Obama supported justice nominee Sonia Sotomayor decision about affirmative action. This particularly does not bode well for a certain firefighter Frank Ricci. Then, how can we forget police officer James Crowley arresting Obama’s friend professor Gates and the president calling the action by the police as “stupidly.”

Many would say that I’m blemishing the truth, but remember I’m not the one who said, “These people from Pennsylvania and the Midwest are bitter anger Americans that cling to their guns, God, and bible, and that they have antipathy to those who aren’t like them.” That was our President who said that. If that is not ignorant and stupid, then I must be one of many few who sees this president as a joke.