Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Democracy is Determined by Mob Rule

The truest meaning of Democracy is determined by mob rule. Liberals enjoy exploiting this terminology against former President Bush during his term. Now, it seems that the sleeping giant we call the Conservatives has awakened. Obama knew that this day would come to see his popularity fading, his job approval rating plummeting, and the promises he committed during the presidential trail are full of lies.

I fully understand why Obama has been pushing a deadline to pass Universal Healthcare before Congress recess in August. It is because these senators and congressmen will be getting an earful from their constituents as they return to their respective states. You can find video all over the internet of these town hall meetings between the elected official and their constituents. Ironically, I felt sorry for these congressmen and senators. They got more of an ear full. Instead, they got verbally traumatize by an angry mob.

It is disingenuous for the Obama Administration to say it was planned by Conservatives. Well, no one questioned when the liberal groups like ACORN, Code Pink, and the antiwar groups jumped at former President Bush. I will agree that there were some Conservative groups involved in solidifying the base at these meetings, but in these Democratic towns in Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York, it was everybody of any party affiliations voicing their concerns.

We all know that Obamacare is not the way to go. Obama knows this. Neither he nor any liberal Democrat on Capitol Hill completely read the bill. We have video and audio proof that high ranking Democrats have made such comments. Even though Obama is clueless what the bill contains, he knows that the bill will weaken our freedom and put more power into this soft tyranny that we call the federal government.