Monday, August 24, 2009

Who Will Obama Blame Next For His Woes

There are a few options for Obama to blame for his demise. It is quite funny how Obama and his press secretary Robert Gibbs are withering into oblivion. It seems that as poll numbers are plummeting, Obama and Gibbs are showing their true colors. In fact, I can’t stand seeing television coverage on Obama 24/7. Whenever I turn to a channel on TV and see Obama on the campaign trail as president, I get immediately turned off. Also, whenever I see press secretary Robert Gibbs gives his briefing, I can’t help to think that this guy is an idiot. You can call me cynical, but don’t you feel the same way? It seems both men are a tad scornful, mocking, and patronizing now-a-days.

The Obama Administration is currently blaming the media for the bad publicity the president is experiencing. Obama and Gibbs can’t blame Republicans anymore. It doesn’t matter how hard the Administration tries to pin the obstruction on them. The American people finally realize that Obama got a Senatorial and Congressional Democrat Majority. They don’t need the Republicans at this point. The Republicans are too far out of power.

I see desperation when Obama picks a fight with talk show Rush Limbaugh, who is a private citizen. I roll my eyes when Obama whines about a posting by Sarah Palin on Facebook about him. When I see Obama unable to take a criticism, I have my doubt that he could lead a country.

Then Obama tried to blame his problems with the special interest groups, but that was short lived. I recall the pharmaceutical industry giving him $150 million worth of ads to bolster his healthcare initiative. So for him to blame special interest groups are a bust.

It seems blaming the American people attending the townhall meetings is not the way to go. Liberals calling the people attending the townhall meetings as “radicals”, “mobs”, and “un-American” is not nice to say to the voting public.

It was very easy for Obama to pass blame to his opponent during the Democrat primaries and during the Presidential Election, but there is no one to pass blame here except for him. There is no opponent here other than public opinion and no finish line other than the end of his term.