Tuesday, September 1, 2009

It is Bush's Fault

As September 11, 2009, approaches, I wonder what the media will do? Will they remind us that there is still a threat on America, or will they downplay the day by televising healthcare reform or the fires in California? It seems utterly despicable that we have been complacent because we haven’t been hit on American soil for eight years now and no one gives a “rat’s ass” about it.

The mood in Capitol Hill been more political and it is an outrage that the Democrats have to stoop so low to politicalize national security. With detainees in Club Gitmo being release (possibly on our own soil) to going after CIA agents, who kept this country safe, with “illegal” interrogations, this Administration has no moral gumption, but to destroy this country. With Universal Healthcare going sour and constant missteps and gaffes, president Obama goes on the war path and blames George Bush “43" for his woes.

George Bush? Please! Obama tells the country that he inherited a $1.3 trillion budget deficit. Let me clarify. It is not $1.3 trillion dollars. Bush was responsible in passing the soon-to-be Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner $700 billion stimulus budget at the end of his term to save the banking industry, but Bush took only $350 billion to stop the bleeding and it worked. The other $350 billion was left under the next Congress for approval with the new Administration. Besides, this current “president-elect” decided to pass another $787 billion stimulus pork spending budget, kill the Bush tax cuts, only trim $100 million from his $1 trillion budget, expand the nation debt to $10 trillion in 10 years, and weaken our national security. Now, you tell me what’s wrong with this picture.

For every Obama woe, it is George Bush’s fault. But I think that American people are smart enough not to be fooled by this immature rookie’s ploy. This is Obama’s problem now because he created it. Now, Obama has a problem in Afghanistan. No media is reporting the deaths occurring over there. Unlike when Bush was in office, the media joyfully reported the number of deaths on a daily base. I think the current count of American causalities is near 800, but who is counting. We still have Defense Secretary Gates and Gen. Petraeus from the Bush era still working. You remember them. Both men successfully brought Iraq from the abyss to some kind of normalcy. The only difference is the new leader of the free world has not idea what he is doing (Obama). These men are soldiers who listen to orders and Obama treats the war on terrorism as a police problem. Don’t blame the soldiers. Put blame on the leader!

It seems everything Obama touches turns out to be blunders. It is apparent that he wants America dependent on the government. From single payer system to “pay to play” mentality, this Administration’s role is to weaken the will of the American people. By ignoring Social Security, rationing healthcare, taxing the American people, and weakening national security, I cannot formulate any other reason beside crippling this country.

The motto “We should not let a good crisis goes to waste” and “I believe in spreading the wealth,” should be taken seriously. They are not bumper sticker slogans. It is the Administration telling you that this is what they are going to do. Obama feels most Americans don’t care because they know we are mostly complacent.

If you allow this Administration do this to you, then you deserve the misery that will follow. America, you need to speak up louder every day because Obama is hedging that this anger you are displaying will dissipate in the waning months. Don’t let that “jerk” win!