Thursday, September 3, 2009

Obama Approval Rating Hits 46%

Can you recall any president who came into office with a very high approval rating, but to see a plummeting rating that is embarrassing to remark? If you say Jimmy Carter, you are incorrect. Carter had a high approval rating in the mid-60’s and his approval rating starting to plummet within 6 months. The correct answer is our current president.

Do you recall President Obama riding into office nine months ago with an astonishing 70 percent approval rating? In a most recent poll, Rasmussen placed the President's approval rating at just 46%.

Why has Obama fallen so far, so fast?

New York Time’s columnist David Brooks writes that the Obama administration “has joined itself at the hip of the liberal leadership in Congress.” Obama had many opportunities to untie his administration from the policies of Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, but failed to stop their reckless liberal spending spree.

Brooks says, “The White House has failed to veto measures, like the pork-laden omnibus spending bill, that would have demonstrated independence and fiscal restraint. By force of circumstances and by design, the president has promoted one policy after another that increase spending and centralizes power in Washington.”

We have long known that Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid are out of touch with mainstream America. After all, Nancy Pelosi's nationwide approval rating is below 40%. In the short time since taking office President Obama has proven that he intends to follow their failed path of big spending and government expansion.

But is worth to note, the New York Time’s columnist stated that in the history of polling, no newly elected American president has fallen this far this fast. Brooks say, “Anxiety is now pervasive.”

For those who have buyer’s remorse that voted for Obama, I forgive you!

You made the mistake. Now, it’s your turn to fix it by speaking up!